Preventing a Flat Tyre or Blowout


If you want to keep your tyres from going flat, you need to check you air pressure on a routine basis. An underinflated tyre is one of the most common reasons for a blowout or flat. Because an underinflated tyre produces additional friction, it also creates excess heat. As a result, the reaction often leads to a blowout. Not only that, a tyre that is underinflated causes you to spend more on petrol than is necessary.

Be Careful about Adding Too Much Air

If you add too much air to a tyre, it can lead to damage from potholes in the road as well as bumps. Therefore, you need to check your owner’s manual to make sure you add just the right amount of air.

Some Tips for Checking the Pressure

When checking the tyre pressure, you need to remember the following:

One Final Note

Remember that cold weather will reduce the air pressure in your tyres whilst heat increases it. Therefore, the pressure should be checked during changes in the seasons to keep the pressure at the right level.

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