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Car Shipping Tips: How to Ensure a Smooth Vehicle Transport Process


Having to transport your vehicle from one place to another can be quite a tedious process, especially if you haven’t done it before. It becomes all the more complicated if you need to move from country to country. The existence of car shipping companies has made the task easier and faster and, thanks to the booming economy, they are also growing in number. However, with this growth comes the rise of scam shipping services, as well.

That said, how do you ensure that your auto shipping provider is legit? What does it take to ensure the transport of your vehicle goes without a hitch? Here are five tips to help ensure a trouble-free and safe car shipping process.

  1. Know the difference between open and enclosed shipping.

There are two basic types of auto shipping services: open and closed. Open transportation means your vehicle will be transported along with several others in the same trailer (usually up to 10 per carrier). In this truck, there will no walls and no roof, so the cars will be exposed to the elements. However, the cost of shipping will be divided among the car owners, making it a cheaper option compared to enclosed trailers. An enclosed carrier is usually recommended for luxury or antique vehicles that require additional care during the transport process.

  1. Work only with reputable car shippers.

One of the best ways to find out if your chosen car shipper is reliable is by reading online reviews or going by personal recommendations from friends. Be sure to check out different platforms and sources for the reviews to gather unbiased and honest opinions about the service.

  1. Ask about insurance.

Never ever sign up with an auto shipping company that does not clearly stipulate and explain the insurance coverage. The law requires all firms to present an updated insurance certificate and discuss the details of their coverage to the client. If the shipper is not able to do this, don’t work with them. Always read the fine print and don’t hesitate ask questions about anything you don’t understand. You’ll be glad you did, we promise.

  1. Prepare your vehicle for the ride.

Moving your car from one place to another requires precautionary steps, right from the time it is picked up, to its immobilization at the carrier, and to the necessary extra protections on the delicate areas. Take photos of your car before you have it picked up and sent to the car shipping company so you have a point of comparison when you check upon delivery. These photos will protect you in case any damage happens on your vehicle, so you can file insurance claims.

  1. Take note of the pick-up and delivery locations.

If your area is off the regular roads or is not easily accessible, you might want to consider a drop-off and pick-up point. Getting to special locations may translate to an additional fee, so it’s best to set a place that’s easy to get to. Don’t forget to communicate this properly to your service provider to avoid any confusion.

If you are looking for a reliable vehicle moving service, domestic and international car transport by Ship Overseas can guarantee a safe and hassle-free transfer. Whether you need to ship a vehicle with in the US or to another country, we will take care of all your auto shipping needs so you can just sit back, relax and just wait. Should you want to know more about our car transport services, connect with us to get the best transport service.

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