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Your Damaged 4WD Has A Lot To Offer The World


The damaged goods that seem to be robbing you every other day are actually very important to us and the world. If your 4×4 needs something fixed every other day, consumes more fuel than it should and is more expensive to keep alive then it is high time you let it go.

You don’t even have to worry about who will buy it or about negotiating the price especially if your vehicle is in a really bad shape. Why? Well because we at Cash For 4WD will pay you for your vehicle instantly at the time of the removal and we don’t care how bad it looks or if it works or not.

The Cars Removal Perth wide is completely free for you and there will be no hidden charges.

Extracting The Goods

We understand that nothing in your 4WD can be completely useless. Everything it is composed of is a treasure that the world can benefit from.

How You Ask?

  • The steel mills buy from us the steel and metal alloys that the vehicle is composed of. The mill does not have to put in extra efforts of extracting and making the steel and consumes lesser energy resources when the raw material is already provided by us.
  • Chemical industries purchase the coolants, oil, transmission fluid etc. and find immense pleasure in saving their extra efforts and being able to produce a refreshed product and selling it to the market.
  • Car manufacturing industries use the parts we provide them with in the making of new car models and save energy as well as financial resources.
  • Rubber and plastic industries also buy their raw material from us.
  • The stereo, alternators and other electronic modules are purchased from us by companies that deal in electronics. They too have to put in lesser efforts and just have to alter the systems a little and then just sell it to their customers.

The market value of any of these products does not decrease just because the material was recycled. This is because the material is refreshed and as good as new. The steel industries save so much energy because of that they can power over 18 million households yearly!

So you see how that 4WD that was sucking the resources out of you in its last few years with you makes the world a better place when dealt with by us.

So feel free to contact us at 0424 449 100 and play your part in making the world a better place!

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