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5 Safety Features of the Genesis Brand


Genesis from Hyundai Motors has its brand marking focused mainly on Luxury. Knowing what it means, and to do justice to the term, they considered every angle of car comfort and luxury reducing the amount of effort, struggle and adjustment that were so far, a common scenario in car rides. The engineers working for this brand could realise that unless safety is taken care of, no one in the car can feel secure or relaxed to enjoy the luxury. Moreover, luxury in a car demands more focus on comforting the driver than the other occupants, as a stressed driving is simply going against the luxury rules.

So here are a few glimpses on how safety features are blended with the luxury features to enhance the experience the luxury of riding a Genesis brand vehicle.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (Aeb)

According to Corona Genesis dealer, that in order to detect any forthcoming imminent collisions, while the car is running under a speed of 80 km/h, the Hyundai Genesis would use its sensory system from the smart cruise control feature and would automatically initiate a full braking process to stop the car in time.

Electronic Stability Control (Esc)

The Electronic Stability control feature in a Genesis vehicle is purposely designed to prevent any chance of skidding during the act of cornering it. It has the capability to check where the car is being steered to in comparison to where the vehicle was supposed to go. If required, it can start applying the brakes to every wheel that can adapt the engine power to maintain a perfect stability and control in the vehicle.

A 5-Star Ancap Safety Rating

The Genesis has earned the highest ever rating for 5-star ANCAP testing in the 21-year old history with 36.88 points out of 37.

Around View Monitoring (AVM)

The Around View Monitoring system in Genesis refers to a series of wide-angle cameras strategically-placed on the exteriors of the vehicle to provide the driver to get a real-time view of the surrounding of the car.  

Nine Airbags

If a collision is inevitable, the car should have enough provision to provide the best possible protection to the driver as well as the passengers. The Genesis brand has enabled a roll-over sensor with a big support of nine airbags to protect the driver and the occupants from different angles.

Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

As per the Genesis dealer in Corona Genesis realized that the traditional and Rear-view mirrors cannot provide the full picture of the scene behind the car. So, they have installed the BSD system to detect the traffic in the blind spots with illuminated warnings to the drivers through the side mirror and a head-up display. The system even creates an audible alert when it uses the indicator is in use and another vehicle has entered in the car’s blind spot.

Lane Departure Warning System (Ldws)

In long drives, people tend to lose their concentration while driving. So, the Genesis has made arrangement to line the car above 60 km/h, when the LDWS would be able to detect any lane departure that isn’t accompanied by the indicator.  It would alert the driver through its head-up display unit and send vibrations through the steering wheel.

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