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Technological Advancements Which Reengineered the Auto Industry


Cars have been around for a very long period of time and have amazed us, served us and have been our best companion for as far as we can remember. The cars have evolved more since the early 90’s packing in the technological advancements.

We have outlines a list of innovations that have occurred ever since and without further ado, let us see some of them which we have tried to cover below:

On-Board Diagnostics II, 1996

The OBD II as it is often called was a revolutionary idea back in the day. Due to this on board diagnostic systems were improved in the 1980s. This paved the way for technicians and other mechanics to figure out at the helm of what was so wrong with the cars (if they ever encountered problems).

It was done through specific codes that was accessed via a 16 pin connector. If you wanted to find out why your engine performed poorly, OBD II was your answer as it would tell you why your engine misfired. This was a breakthrough in improved fuel efficiency in cars as well as overall performance.

The initial application of OBD 2 was limited but in the longer it proved to be a greater and more effective tool for performance management in vehicles. Not only OBD II helps you identify engine light is on but its use expands to aftermarket devices like the performance tuners and fuel economy meters.

Mandatory Tire Pressure Monitoring, 2000

There is reason why don’t witness cars standing for very long on the roadside. Thanks to tire pressure monitoring systems that people are now aware if the tires need an air pump up or they are running out on air. It is very effective as the tire does not already become deflated or under inflated before you have the chance to act.

Electronically Controlled Torque Vectoring Differential, 1996

The idea of a differential was to control cars electronically or through a remote. Mitsubishi came up with the idea first. This evolution in Mitsubishi vehicles came during the late 90s. The technology first adopted by Mitsubishi is now found across many brands in the automobile industry brands where differentials employ electronics to send torque through an axle.

The applicability is not limited to just sports cars, even Land Rover LR4 has electronic rear differential responsible for fully locking if you are navigating a rocky trail and will allow for unlocking at varying points for a seamless ride while on streets.

If you were to install the differential on both the rear and front axles of an all-wheel drive japan used car auction website car, you can control the amount of torque you wish to transfer to any part of the wheel. Not only the handling of the car improves, the element of traction under tougher weather conditions also gets sorted out.

The Smart Key, 1998

Smart key fobs over the years have made the start of the car engine with a push of a button pretty simple. But back in the day people and even today to be able to turn on the ignition you need to insert a key into the ignition hole in the car.

Today’s fobs lets you unlock doors to cars from a distance apart. But you need to stop for a moment and ponder over how far the technological advancements have come. In the year 1998, have you told anyone you could start the IPA auto auction car engine with a press of button they wouldn’t have believed you because all they knew was (key + ignition = engine running).

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