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How to Maintain Your RV in Perfect Shape


RVs are pleasure to own and greater pleasure to use. It makes every travel a memorable experience, where the level of convenience you enjoy is incomparable to any other model of travel. Now comes the matter of maintaining this huge family space, that also includes the maintenance of a full-fledged towing vehicle, whether a truck or an SUV.

At the center of Des Moines RV service, we witnessed a huge number of RVs being maintained, repaired, and serviced. We must appreciate the way the staff there were treating each of the pats they were handling. But what was more appreciable was yet to come. They gave us the most insightful tips that showed us the perfect yet easiest way to maintain our RV without allowing any trouble to sneak through.

Keeping the Cabin at a Top-Notch Condition

A major part of your RV you can feel proud about is the interior cabin. It is a huge family space, that can be best described as a mini home, that is well-planned, well-decorated, and more than that well-equipped.

Starting from the doors and windows, the home appliances like the TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator to the kitchen items, like the grinder, coffee machine and everything you have gathered you need to keep them in good shape, and in good working condition. To keep the cabin away from dust and debris, rodents, and termites, you need to keep the floor mats and carpets clean. Look for any leakage and any gap that can get the unwanted creatures crawl in.

Most of the RV cabins will have sliding doors and partitions, that will have rubber seals and locks. Before you set out for a journey in your RV again, check out if all of these parts are not cracked up or inactive.

Servicing the Towing Vehicle

When you own an RV you actually have two different setups to take care of. After you take good care of the RV cabin, you need to turn towards the towing vehicle that will demand equal attention and servicing, because it is a full-fledged vehicle in itself. Right from the engine and its transmission, from its fuel system to its exhaust system, you need to keep a check for all. Do not forget to take a note of how the brake and accelerator pedals are responding before you start your journey. Rather these parts should be checked out much in advance. Here one must remember to check out the towing equipment, like the hinge and the chain, without which the RV will not move, in spite of every other thing working well.

Moreover, you must keep the wheels and tires of both the vehicles in good shape, reminded the team of technicians who run the RV service in Des Moines. They suggested to get a full check-up done for the entire RV unit to see, everything is in place. Right from the fluid refills, to the changes of the filters, from the tire rotation to wheel alignment service, nothing should be forgotten.

They summed up by yet another good suggestion, which was to give both the units of the RV a good cleaning service, to make sure everything feels as fresh as new.

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