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Should You Invest in a Used Version of 2020 Buick Encore?


The name Buick Encore has a prominent place in the segment of small crossover SUVs so much so that we often see used versions of this model getting sold out at our nearby Idaho Falls used Buick dealer. The 2020 edition of Encore now being one of the strongest-selling crossover models from Buick has a big fan following, which makes it clear that the manufacturer has taken all the right steps to build up this model tuned to the requirements of most of the crossover buyers. When the Encore got freshened up for the year 2020, the sales record of this model shot up, proving its increasing popularity. But when we see that used versions of the 2020 Buick Encore are having an equally rising market value, we couldn’t hold back our curiosity to know the reason behind it. 

Feature Highlights

They got to know after interviewing a good number of used 2020 Encore buyers only to know what they liked most about the 2020 model year edition of this crossover model, and what made them buy a used version of it when the new models are still available in the dealerships. 

They replied with great enthusiasm, that it is the value offered in this model that drew them towards buying it. Regarding investing in a used model, they made it simple by saying that, when it is a used model of just the last year edition, it has to be in good condition, since no one could have used the vehicle that extensively. But at the same time, just because it is traded in like a used car, it has to be sold out at the price of a pre-owned model, which will be significantly lesser than the price of a new model, even though it is of the yesteryear edition. Lastly, though it is a used version of the Buick Encore model, it will be as good as new, since it is just last year production that will have all the latest features installed in it, be it on the safe side, or in terms of convenience for both the driver and the passengers alike. So, it is like getting the double benefit at half-price, for those who will invest in a used version of the 2020 Buick Encore model. 


When it is a 2020 Buick Encore model, that too a used version, the new owner will have the advantage of maintaining a model that is as good as new, will still have lots of time left to cross the first milestone of maintenance, and above all will enjoy the great returns of fuel, in terms of high mileage. 

As learned from a buyer of the used version of the 2020 Buick Encore whom we met at a famous dealership of used Buick in Idaho Falls, the crossover is able to return a mileage of 27 mpg from a trip that combines both city and highway drive speeds. This is the EPA estimated record when it is driven with the front-wheels. The figures will change to 26 mpg at the same parameters of driving when you drive the AWD model of the 2020 Buick Encore model.

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