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Maintaining Your Car Can Save Your Money


Apart from a owning a house, the next big money drainer has to be your car. There are many costs associated with this that you can’t really do much about, such as an MOT, service, road tax etc. All can be reduced by buying a car that does less damage to the environment, but sometimes that just isn’t practical.

Sometimes though, there are other expenses than can be quite easily avoided simply by maintaining your car properly. There are many instances where people pay for an MOT, then get presented with a massive bill following it due to replacement parts which (at the garage) they may charge an arm and leg for. You can ask to find parts yourself and buy cheap car parts online which should take a few numbers away from that bill, but the best way is to look after your car in the first place and postpone having to replace car parts in the first place.

There are a few main parts of a car that tend to need to be replaced regularly but can be avoided if they were looked after in the first place:

Tyres – Check once a week that they are correctly inflated. If they are under the recommended pressure (see your manual) then top them up. You will use less petrol whilst running the car and they will last longer.

Oil – This is a big one.  When you use your car, the parts of your engine are in constant movement and your oil lubricates all the engine parts which will prevent wear and tear. Think of your oil as the lifeblood of your car! Check your Oil every 5,000 miles and top it up where necessary. For instance, maintaining the oil cooler BMW in your vehicle, if you drive a BMW, is crucial because it keeps your engine oil at the optimal temperature, which prevents overheating and prolongs the lifespan of your car.

Windows – Keep them clean – this includes lights and mirrors – to prevent cracks from occurring. Sometimes this can’t be helped and a crack will occur, but if caught early it can be fixed at much cheaper cost than replacing your whole windscreen.

Braking systems – This will come down to your driving. Avoid heavy braking where possible and this should prolong the life of your brakes. You will need to change them eventually, but this may get them to last a few more months.

Other car fluids – Similar to your oil. Brake fluid, radiator coolant, power steering and transmission fluid and windscreen wiper fluid all fall under this heading and should be checked once a week and topped up were necessary.

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