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LocoNav Can Grow Your Logistics Business. Learn How!


Like many other industries, transport and logistics are undergoing a major change due to the immense growth of technology and it’s increased usage in all fields. Not only new technologies, but new marketing tactics and fresher minds bring a lot to the business which was uncovered before. 

Despite saying this, we have a lot of areas to uncover and explore as logistics is one of the most customizable industries in the game. Along with these developments, come new challenges to be faced. With an increasing amount of taxation and rules being made against the logistics industry, one always has to ponder on ways to make the business flourish even more. To get more information about the crucial component of logistics, visit this website:  

Here are a few things that may be disrupting your logistics business:

Increasing Customer Expectations: This factor keeps on increasing constantly as new technologies to better the industry arise. Customers want everything, they want it fast and on time with their deadlines. And most customers nowadays don’t hesitate to leave for a ‘better’ company in case you aren’t fuelling their demands to a T.

There isn’t a proper way to overcome this. Vehicle tracking systems and fleet tracking systems decrease this problem to a huge extent by ensuring punctuality, and a good management system.

Competition: There is a huge impact on the logistics industry due to the increasing number of logistics start-ups. The only way to rise above the competition is to prove to customers that you are the best in the market.

There are many Fleet Management Solutions which could help you do that, and the best part? You can choose the best fleet management solutions on the basis of your business, its functioning and its weaknesses!


Now that you’re a bit familiar with the problems faced by this industry, here are 6 ways you could better your business and its growth:

Social Media Marketing: People’s lives revolve around social media nowadays. And many companies take advantage of that very fact, using social media marketing to spread the work about their businesses.

From Twitter to Instagram, everything is being advertised everywhere. Not only that, this has become so well known because of the fact that most companies who want growth are already on different social media channels, and may even be looking for logistics businesses who have a quirk like this in their marketing process.

Marketing through Content: This area of marketing hasn’t been explored much, but it has been proven that if a customer likes what they see, they will remember your business in most cases.

Create an interactive content filled website which helps you send your message through while at the same time appeasing to the eye of the customer, so that you decrease the chances of the customer forgetting your business.


We’ve covered the two kinds of marketing you can do to increase your business. Now, let’s get more in depth into your business and it’s working.

Out with the untrustworthy: Your employees are the ones who handle all operations and you need to trust them in an absolute manner. There comes a time when you will need to filter out your employees to find out who you can and cannot trust with the workings of your business.

Fleet management systems and vehicle tracking systems can help you in this filtering by allowing you to know if any of your commodities are being stolen from under your nose. Not only can you track theft, but you can track behavioural changes, rash driving and more. 

An important point in this would be that you can keep track of their working hours, which makes the discussion and calculation of payments much easier and hassle free.

Accepting the good and the bad: Feedback from your customers is almost as important as your funding itself. It is one of the easiest ways to get to know exactly what your customer wants while doing business with you, and what they don’t. 

Many fleet management systems use fleet management solutions that help with their own in-built feedback vehicle tracking system, which allows customers to give feedback even on specific trips. This lets you get to know their expectations better, and work towards them.

No time to spare: Time management is one of the most important things for a business. And without time management, your business could turn painfully chaotic and a hassle to handle.

If you relate to the above stated situations, it may be time to adopt a good, efficient Fleet Management system which would help you in taking care of, and managing your business. 

We hope these tips allow you to take control of your business and help make it flourish. We cannot stop recommending adoption of a fleet management system for your logistics business to grow. And the best way to do that is to avail LocoNav’s services. Deploy LocoNav’s vehicle tracking system in all vehicles in your fleet to get the best output. Their fleet tracking solutions are one of the most useful investments you can make in order to safeguard your business, your employees, and your vehicles, all at the same time!

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