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The Most Common Signs You Need Car Repair


When you first notice the signs of trouble in your car, it might be tempting to put off visiting a repair shop until another day. For some small problems, such as a flickering headlight, this may be all right for a day or two, however, many signs indicate a more serious issue, and you cannot afford to put this off a day longer than you must.

Without knowledge of the signs of trouble, you may miss something important until it is far too late to cost-effectively fix it. For example, leaking coolant from your radiator may cause damage to your entire engine, which might lead to the need for a new car altogether. For this reason and many more, you must know the signs of a problem to catch an issue long before this outcome.

Flashing Check Engine Light

When a check engine light comes on and remains constant, you likely have a sensor in your car somewhere not working correctly. For example, your seat belt may be buckled, but your car sensor may not pick up on that. However, a major sign of trouble within any of the hundreds of systems in your car’s computer can be indicated by a flashing check engine light. Once you notice that, you must immediately take it to a trusted car repair specialist with the equipment to run a diagnostic report.

This flashing light could turn out to be an emission problem, which could damage the catalytic converter if not immediately repaired, for example. In addition to the flashing light, you may notice that your car recently began running differently than usual, such as pulling to one side when you press the brake pedal or not starting properly. Whatever the issue, you need a reliable repair service to address the problem quickly.


Smoke from the exhaust pipe is common, especially during cool temperatures, but you should never see smoke begin to pour out from under your hood. Whether white or black, your car should never have any type of smoke coming from this location, which would indicate an overheating problem. As mentioned, this may be caused by a leaking radiator, which otherwise keeps your engine cool. If left alone, you would likely severely damage your engine and ruin your car completely.

As much as you might worry about the cost of the repair, the cost of buying a new car, even if it is second-hand, would be much more. Keep a steady eye on your temperature gauge located on the dashboard of your car near the petrol metre. If you notice it going above the middle line, pull over and wait for the engine to cool before immediately calling for assistance.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

Although you can expect some smoke to come from your exhaust, such as during low temperatures, you should not have excessive smoke. Such an occurrence could indicate an oil leak, which may also come accompanied by a burning smell. When you drive your car any distance and notice excessive smoke coming from your exhaust price, take the time to pull over and check below your boot. If you notice black residue on and around the exhaust pipe, take your car for servicing immediately.

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