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Things to know About McLaren before You Visit a McLaren Dealership


You have probably heard about McLaren luxury sport vehicles, and according to most users, they are the high-end supercars that you can find on the market. However, there are some things you did not know about them, which we will present you in the further article.

For instance, when you wish to find the latest Mclaren 600LT, the best way to do it is to find a certified dealership that will help you along the way.

Of course, it is not cheap to purchase this particular vehicle, but in the long run, it will be useful as having a golden trophy inside your garage and while you are driving it on the street.

We decided to present you things you did not know about McLaren vehicle brand.

  1. Bruce McLaren Was a World Class Driver

The owner and founder of this particular company was the youngest race winner in Formula 1 for decades. Sebastian Vetted and Fernando Alonso surprised him in the last decade. It is vital to state that he was behind the wheel of the first GT40 that won the 24 Hours of Lemans.

He went into the record books as the first person to win an endurance race as the USA car manufacturer. At the same time, his traditional color scheme was initially black, even though most people think of it as papaya orange.

The main reason for the orange color was to make the car appealing and simple to recognize as well as the ability to attract lucrative sponsors by using television as the medium.

He made the first debut when it came to Formula 1 at Monaco Grand Prix back in 1966. During this particular day, Bruce McLaren became the second man to race an F1 by a car made by his own company, behind Jack Braham.

For most of the late ’60s and ’70s, the best way to win premier road racing series in the USA was by driving this particular car. However, he was killed in an accident when he tested one of his racecars. He left behind a daughter and wife as well as a fantastic legacy.

You should click here to learn more about McLaren and its historical significance.

  1. They Started Using Carbon Fiber

Before McLaren decided to enter the game, most cars were made only by partial use of carbon fiber. However, in 1981, when McLaren MP4/1 introduced the market, it was the first vehicle that was constructed entirely of carbon fiber.

Since it had monologue design, it means that chassis and the body were from the same piece. The main reason for that is because it was strong, light and it could withstand massive impacts with ease.

The fact is that it can withstand a crash at 140 mph. Nowadays, carbon fiber constructions are mandatory for Formula 1 racing.

  1. The First Logo Had A Kiwi

Bruce McLaren was born in New Zealand (know more about him here: and people from back there like kiwis, and we are talking about the bird and not the fruit. Since they are flightless, fuzzy and small birds, they resemble the fruit, which is the main reason for their name.

Have in mind that kiwis are national birds of New Zealand, and that was the main reason why McLaren created a logo that included a kiwi in theleading spot.

Michael Turner created this particular logo with the idea to reflect McLaren’s New Zealand roots and to provide a brand with a unique perspective.

Have in mind that kiwi was used for some years, but since they became an international company, the original logo was replaced with a more streamlined and appealing design.

  1. They Have Been Inside The NASCAR For Years

Even though we all know about McLaren from Formula 1 competitions, they also develop a few things for NASCAR. Even though they do not create entire vehicle productions for this particular racing event, they support electrical parts.

For instance, the very first NASCAR part was the alternator that they had designed back in 2008 for a racing team. At the same time, they switched to fuel injection and created a new harness and ECU for those reasons.

Today, McLaren Applied Technologies are delivering a new ECU for every single NASCAR vehicle that you can find at the time.

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