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Why Using a Manufacturer Approved Garage is Essential When Having your Prestige Car Serviced


If, for example, you drive a Mercedes, you will already be aware that servicing is part and parcel of prestige car ownership, and the garage that carries out the servicing must be manufacturer approved to work on the vehicle. This is because of the complexities involved with routine servicing a prestige car, and with such a high valued investment, you can’t afford to take any chances. Luckily, there is experienced Mercedes diagnostics & repairs in Newcastle from an established garage that has extensive hands-on experience working with Mercedes vehicles.

Table of Contents

Vehicle Diagnostics

It is often the case when a car breaks down and the cause of the malfunction is not known, and in such a case, you should take the vehicle to a registered garage, one that is approved to carry out vehicle diagnostics. This might be due to:

  • An Electrical Malfunction
  • A Mechanical Error

The qualified technician would simply plug their special laptop computer into the socket located under the dash, and the software would locate the fault, which saves both time and money. Fault finding is no longer the time-consuming process it once was, and with the right garage, the fault will soon be identified and repairs can take place.

Routine Servicing

The owner’s manual would stipulate the frequency of the service intervals, plus it would also note exactly what the servicing would involve. Some tasks that are not in a routine service would include:

  • Replacing worn brake pads
  • Changing gearbox oil
  • Replacing timing belts

The rear section of the owner’s manual would contain all the relevant information for every service, and it should be referred to every time the car is serviced.

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