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What Can we Expect from the Upcoming 2019 Buick Verano


Those who have been a big fan of the Buick Verano have good news to rejoice. From varied sources, rumors got confirmed that you can now expect the new 2019 year Buick Verano to reappear after receiving a few minor changes and some significant updates. The model is said to be released in its 2019 year edition in China. But unfortunately till then Verano would stay discontinued in countries like United States, Canada and Mexico.

As a reliable source of information we asked the experts at the New Jersey Buick GMC dealer and they were really excited to share with us what they expect from the new 2019 edition of the Buick Verano to be packed with.

Minor Upgrades in the Features

The Buick Verano is already a feature rich car that has gathered a good number of followers who wish to own this prestigious car from as trustable a manufacturer brand like Buick. But when rumors spread across the oceans about the launch of the latest updated model of Verano for the year 2019, Buick lovers can’t hold their patience any longer to see the upgrades that will make the Verano still better a car. They expect a better powertrain, a better mileage and an outstanding performance all coming with better safety and drive assistance features to ensure, nothing falls short in earning the Verano the highest scores in its segment.

New Exterior Color Options

The Verano from Buick is already having a good choice of exterior color options, but for the 2019, the onlookers are expecting a couple of more color options to match the exquisite styling the Verano is crafted with.

Additional Combinations of Interior Colors

The Buick Verano is loved by all its consumers for the sophisticated interior layout it offers. For the 2019 year the experts and critics are waiting to see a few combinations in the interior trim to make the interior attract a greater number of consumers with different taste and preferences.

Same Body Styles and Platform

Though the 2019 edition of Buick Verano will have some minor changes for the exterior, the leaked news say it will continue to come as a compact four-door sedan and as a hatchback. Like every other second-generation models of the Buick Verano, the 2019 Verano too is expected to continue on the D2 platform of GM.

Production and Availability Beyond 2019

The 2019 Buick Verano is known to assembled at the GM factory in China and is primarily sold to target the Chinese market. In this respect, when we asked the experts of the best Buick GMC dealer near me , they agreed on the point that the 2019 Buick Verano will probably be made available across the China on the year 2018, most likely in the second or third quarters of the calendar. The experts as well as all Buick supporters expect that the current, second-generation Buick Verano will continue to be in the line of production for the years 2019, 2020, 2021 model years, while everyone is waiting for an all-new, Buick Verano to be launched on or after 2022 with a future concept.

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