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What To Look For In A Reputable Auto Repair Shop


Before you take your car anywhere for maintenance, ensure that you are going to the right one. Finding a good mechanic or an auto repair and maintenance company is a chore. If your car is new, then it is likely just going to be in for maintenance and any dealership can do those minor automotive work. Repairs, however, is something more major and delicate as it needs to be performed to fix a problem. So how do we find an awesome mechanic? Read on and let us find out together below.

Start Your Search Locally

To avoid the hassle of long drives, especially when your car is in trouble, have a ready list of nearby and local auto repair shops for your car. Use the internet for this and no, you do not have to wait until your car breaks down. Have this list ready beforehand. Take as an example if you are in Merced, CA.and in need of new tires, choose and search for Merced tire shops, and you will be presented with a multitude of choices but all of them would be local. This will effectively narrow down your search to a handful of possibles and it will be way much easier to sift through them.

Dig A little Deeper

Ask around for the shop’s reputation so that you will have an idea about how they take care of their clientele. This would also be a good time to dig a little deeper online about the shop you are eyeing. Join online forums and social media groups to hear about what the netizens are saying about them. No reputable service company would leave their online presence weak. A reputable auto repair shop would have a strong presence online. It would be here that you will most likely find any complaints or compliments regarding their services.

Talk To The Shop Personnel

By the point that you have narrowed down your search to about 2 or 3 shops, it is a good idea to talk to their mechanic and assess their level of customer service. You can also use this time to ask them about the particular make and model of your car and see if they service your kind of car. You can also ask how many mechanics they have available to work on cars. An estimate would be nice if they can give any just by you describing the trouble.

Additional Services

Some premium auto repair shops provide loaner cars in the eventuality that the repairs would take more than a day. Ask about if they have towing or shuttle services. When you do a visit check if they have a clean and comfortable waiting room while you wait for your vehicle to be fixed. These are solid indicators that an auto repair shop is doing its best to keep their customers happy.

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