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2018 Genesis G80: A Review


Hyundai has launched its latest 2018 Genesis G80 model to out shun the luxury models of its competitors. Here is an in-depth review of this luxury sedan model Genesis G80. Read on to know more.

This year, Hyundai, has come up with their latest stand-alone brand Genesis with its new trim level design G80. The model is an obvious intention of catering the luxury buyers and has added a turbocharged G80 Sport model with a 3.3T Sport trim level.

Till date the G80 has been an exceptionally attractive cruise and commuter model, but the style of G80 adds up to the appeal where extravagance takes charge and hikes up the price. To know the best deal, get in touch with the Philadelphia Genesis dealer.

What is New

To line up in the category of 2018, Genesis adds up a few spicy new features, where you can opt for the wireless device charging and get an adaptive pair of LED headlights. The turbocharged Sport trim G80 gains a new V6 engine.

Trim Levels and Their Features

The Genesis G80 2018 model is a middle sized, five-seater luxury sedan that are right now coming with three trim levels: the 3.8, the 3.3T Sport and the 5.0. The numbers indicate the size of the under-hood engine. In the base trim level, the G80 3.8 is much more than basic, with a row of standard features racing, and in some cases, winning over its competitors. The G80 5.0 stands upon larger wheels but with no big trim enhancements, but certainly with more power gained from a V8 engine. The G80 3.3T Sport on the other side is rather targeted on performance driving with the help of its turbo V6 engine and dynamic suspension, than anything else.

Each Trim Is Tested

Each versions of Genesis G80 is officially tested by the Hyundai manufacturers who ensure that the added options only add up to the basic and fundamental features without compromising anywhere in quality and performance.

Driving a Genesis G80

From the driver’s point of view, the regular G80 doesn’t work as a sport sedan, even if the under-hood engines are either V6 or V8. But it definitely focuses on the cruising comfort over high speed excitements.

For acceleration, regular engines like V6 and V8 gives a strong with a linear delivery of power. The base in both is quite strong to satisfy the expert buyers.

Steering the G80 is a breeze as it behaves in a quick response to every steering instruction. There is a good number of Driver-selectable modes to ease out the effort at the steering wheel.

The Comfort Level

The G80 owner could feel proud to have a longer wheelbase than many of its competing models. Driving a G80 gives the luxury of a spacious cabin with the feeling of a posh interior with considerable volume in the rear legroom. The seating, riding and driving comfort might throw a tough challenge to many of its rival sedans. Get a quote for the one you choose from the Genesis dealer Philadelphia.

Wrapping Up

Finally, when it comes to choose between any of the trim levels of G80 series, the Genesis model keeps up its promise of being trustworthy, sturdy and above all classic.

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