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5 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Car Parts


Do you have an old banger sitting in your garage, front garden or driveway? Has it been there for ages? If so, then it’s probably time you did something about it, as I’m guessing you will have probably had some complaints from various people about it being an eyesore!

Now, there are various things that you could do with your old car, such as getting it weighed in at your local scrap yard and getting some cash for it, or you could even strip the parts off it and sell them (this will usually earn you more money than weighing it in).

But if you go down the car stripping route, did you know that you could actually reuse some parts to make some pretty cool things for your home? Intrigued? Here are some creative ways to do so!

Pool table

Many people will often restore classic campervans such as the Volkswagen Transporter Type 2, but if your particular example is beyond repair then here is a cool way to upcycle it: you could convert it into a pool table on wheels!

It’s a great talking point for when you have friends over to visit you, or you could even make some money from it by hiring it out to people that want to use it for special motoring-related events!


They say art is subjective, but what about car art? I reckon you could make some pretty cool sculptures out of old car parts, like the farmyard animal examples in the photograph above created by Finnish artist Miina Äkkijyrkkä!

The great thing about using car parts for art is that they don’t have to be in good conditions, so even if you’re not a creative person you could always donate your old banger to a local school or college that wants to upcycle the parts for such purposes.


If you are jealous that your mate’s bought himself a £300 all-singing and all-dancing barbecue for use during the summer months of the year, then here is your chance to out-do his efforts by creating your very own bespoke car barbecue!

In the example photograph above, someone has converted the front-end of their old Volkswagen Beetle into a really useful barbecue! I wonder how much BHP (that’s Burger Heating Power) that one’s got?…


This is one of my most favourite ways to upcycle an old car; simply take the back-end of it, the back seats, and convert it into a nice comfortable sofa for your home!

According to Junction17cars, this is a popular thing to do with old cars like classic Porsche 911s or Jaguars, but, of course, you can create your own car sofa from the back-end of any car!


If you’re having a little trouble keeping warm this winter, you should start using the fireplace in your living room. But if you choose not to because it just doesn’t look great, then why don’t you transform your fireplace from a boring one to an awesome one by using the front end of a lorry!

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