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5 Ways to Increase the Life of the Car Exhaust System


Failure to maintain the car’s exhaust system can cause excessive noise, thereby increasing fuel consumption. Corrosions in bodywork are also common, as is the amount of pollutants released into the environment through the exhaust of the car.

Therefore, to use quality parts and perform constant maintenance on the car, the driver is much more likely to extend the life of the exhaust system. A good part helps the exhaust system to direct the gases to the rear of the vehicle, attenuating the noise level of the engine and turning harmful gases into less polluting. So, always order original exhaust system according to your car model and maker. For this, is most recommended online store.

Most exhaust systems are formed by the following parts: manifold, catalytic converter, intermediate muffler and rear muffler. With simple tips you will be able to keep the entire system in perfect condition, guaranteeing safety and economy.

Tips to help improve the car exhaust system

  1. Fuel with reliable fuel

Fueling your vehicle at dependable gas stations ensures that you will not be receiving a tampered product. The adulterated fuel can cause major problems for the exhaust system. This is because solvents that are often mixed with gasoline, or water placed in the alcohol, help corrode the metal parts of the exhaust.

  1. Have a good direction

Having extra attention on roads, streets and avenues can help keep your car’s exhaust system running smoothly. This is because often some parts of the system are damaged by the strong impact on a jig or holes. A simple crack can evolve into a larger crack, compromising the metal parts.

  1. Avoid leaving your car in the garage

Cars that are underused or that spend more time in the garage are more likely to have the mufflers damaged faster. This is due to the inertia of the vehicle, which causes moisture buildup in the system. Normally, this moisture is eliminated by heating the engine, which is not the case when the car is running low or not.

  1. Only install original parts

When placing a new part, always choose the originals and brands known to the assemblers. Never make adaptations. Placing a wrong muffler or any change in the flow of the exhaust system may damage other parts that are in good condition.

  1. Never forget maintenance

Candles, filters and the injection system must be in good working order to avoid damaging the car exhaust system. These components should be serviced and replaced as instructed by each automaker.

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