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8 myths and misconceptions about a car battery


There are times when we are in a hurry and rush towards your car and find the car battery dead. This either happens when you mistakenly leave the lights on or you do not maintain your car battery in a proper way. Both these are the main reasons for draining off your car battery. People usually neglect the care of a battery or they have misconceptions about it. Yes, there are many myths and misconceptions related to a car battery. Also, there are many questions that need to be answered to clear your doubts. Dial battery Dubai, for getting answers to your queries. We are listing a few most common doubts hitting people’s mind.

  • Do a car battery needs servicing?

Yes, it is always recommended that you should maintain a car battery. It needs to be cleaned and have its terminals and the alternator rate checked. Servicing a car battery will do the same. Especially in winters when you check the oil in the engine, also get the battery checked and cleaned. You can know more when you dial battery Dubai.

  • Does weather affect a battery life?

Yes. During warm weathers, the heat increases water loss in batteries. This then leads to shorter battery life than the cold climate conditions. While in winters, the car battery lowers down as well. They need a little heating up to keep running. There is one trick which is generally used in cold weathers. On chilly days headlights are turned on before starting an engine to heat it up. But this doesn’t mean that increasing the consumption will ease in starting your car. You should better save the power that can be used to start the car.

  • Does a car battery flatten without being driven?

Yes, it does unless you maintain it properly and timely plug into maintenance charger. The car battery gets fully discharges because even when your car is in an idle state, it keeps supplying power to other electric systems of your car so that they remain active.

  • Does disconnecting a battery helps?

No, disconnecting a battery won’t help you. It will affect the proper functioning of the car affecting the steering, engine, transmission operations along with the cars electrical systems. Instead, keep it fully charged, as charged batteries would last several weeks supplying power to the other systems without affecting its operation.

  • Does a few minutes’ drive recharges a battery?

It depends on how low your battery is. A simple few minutes of drive won’t help. It takes hours of constant driving at highway speed to recharge a battery. When flat, you should better use a battery charger. Only an appropriate charger can charge it to a reliable level. This not only restores the battery condition, but also prevents the need for further jump starting.

  • Can a flat battery affect my fuel consumption?

Yes, a flat battery puts pressure on the engine and fuel. This then affects the charging and starting of a car. This is because when a battery is not in condition, the alternator will try to recharge it, putting extra load on the engine.

  • Storing the battery on concrete pavement will discharge it

Earlier the batteries used to come in a wooden case and these batteries in a wooden case would get discharge when put on concrete. They used to get leaked. But now, the batteries are covered in a sealed plastic container, there are lesser changes they get leaked.

  • A higher capacity battery will damage the car

It is not so. A higher capacity battery doesn’t affect or damage the car. The electric applications or any other system of your car will only use the amount of battery as much as they need. A higher capacity does no harm.

These are the most common myths and misconceptions concerning a car battery. A car battery won’t last long if it is not maintained properly. Hence, it proves that maintaining the battery is much easier than dealing with the after-effects of a low car battery. Make sure you maintain a car battery once in a month.

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