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A Few Words On Volkswagen Beetle And Jetta


Volkswagen is a brand of cars that is known to provide the highest amount of luxury to you. As far as style and comfort are concerned it is really hard to beat Volkswagen. Both the interiors and exteriors of the car stand out because of the features that they offer – it is really hard to match them as such. The leading cars from Volkswagen may be enumerated as follows:

  • Jetta
  • New Beetle
  • New Polo
  • Passat
  • Phaeton
  • Vento
  • Touareg

These models are highly elegant to say the least. Out of these, Jetta and New Beetle stand out for several reasons.

Feature loaded

These cars are only expected to be bought by people who have a rather elegant taste when it comes to cars. These are people who do not really prefer the workmanlike options. Since these cars are the last word in luxury they come loaded with features that are sure to blow your mind unlike anything else. You can visit your Ontario Volkswagen Dealer and get any one of these models. New Beetle has been designed really well. In fact it is so good that the outer design is sure to leave you amazed to stay the least.

Attention to quality

As may be expected from a top brand like VW there is significant attention to quality. This is borne out by the fact that the materials used to build both the models are subjected to the strictest and harshest quality tests out there. New Beetle may be a small car but when it comes to safety it is pretty hard to beat it. Whenever you drive the car you are sure to feel very safe. It has all the security features that you can think of. They may be enumerated as below:

  • Electronic stability programming (ESP)
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Four airbags
  • 3-point inertia reel seat belt system at both rear and front of the car

All these features mean that you enjoy the process of driving but are kept safe at the same time.

Comfort and convenience

You can check with your nearest Volkswagen Dealer and get the latest VW models that we are talking about over here. As far as qualities such as ease and comfort are concerned the car is loaded with all the features that you would want. Thanks to these features your drive in a VW car becomes an experience worthy of cherishing each and every time it happens.

Facilities on offer

New Beetle has facilities such as door mirrors that are heated and can be adjusted electrically, power steering, door mirror housings that are color-keyed, door handles, bumpers, and flower vase that is now part of legends. Jetta happens to be a relatively late entrant to the market. Its look and feel can leave you astonished. It has interior features such as power windows that come with pinch protection, rear folding seats that can be split on a 60/40 basis, and audio sound system with MP3.

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