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Do You Need Tyres for Your Vehicle


If you need new tyres for your car, you need to understand a little bit about tyre anatomy. What is unique about this accessory is that it is the only part of a car that makes contact with the road. Therefore, the tyres you choose must strike just the right balance. This balance must include such components as traction, longevity, petrol efficiency, and cost. Because of these requirements, a tyre is more complicated to construct than most people may think.

A Complex Manufacturing Process

When a manufacturer makes a tyre, it must consider tyre use and people’s driving habits to make sure that the tyre it designs meets these criteria. When a tyre is made, over 200 different components are used in its manufacture as well. These components play essential roles in producing a tyre that offers good fuel efficiency, safe driving, and sustainability.

Major Tyre Components

Garage services in Kent feature tyres that highlight the following components:

  • Natural rubber: This part of the tyre is the primary component of the layers of tread.
  • Synthetic rubber: This rubber is also a part of the treads.
  • Silica and carbon black: These materials are used to reinforce the tyre’s design.
  • Reinforcement cables: This part forms the tyre’s framework and supplies rigidity in its design.
  • Chemical agents: These offer certain properties such as a good grip or a low rolling resistance.

Producing Tyres for Use on the Road

When tyres are produced, many designs are created. In addition, manufacturers use simulations for testing so that the best tyre concepts can be employed in a design. A tyre is then built through both machined and manual processes. If necessary, special machines are constructed so that a tyre manufacturer can realise its design and safety goals.

When the tyre is manufactured, quality control is implemented through the process. This is done so that the equipment will reach the ultimate standards in safety and reliability.

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