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Everything You Need to Know about MOT Testing


The MOT test is one of the most important vehicle tests conducted on almost all vehicles that are older than three years. The MOT test is sanctioned by the Ministry of Transport, thus the name of the test. The MOT test is necessary because it checks the roadworthiness of the vehicle, confirms whether the vehicle is suitable for driving on the roads of the country, and whether it meets the standards as set by the Ministry of Transport. With millions of vehicles out on the roads of this country, it’s virtually impossible for the Ministry of Transport to conduct testing by themselves.

As a result, they have given licenses to private workshops and garage services providers to conduct MOT testing around the country. For instance, if you need to find a local workshop that offers MOT testing in Leicester, all you need to do is run a cursory location-based search to find out about all the businesses that offer the testing service. The test usually takes around an hour or so, and is conducted by the workshop’s staff. You will be asked to wait in the waiting room while the test is occurring.

What Will Be Checked?

A number of different things will be checked during the MOT test. Engine performance and transmission-related problems will be ignored. The company will start off by checking the aesthetic condition of the vehicle, and point out any issues that may obstruct the driver’s vision or ability to drive. For instance, if the bumpers aren’t firmly fixed to the car, it will be noted on the inspection report. Similarly, if the windshield has gotten old and allows light to spread, it could cause serious risks for the driver.

Next up, the testers will gauge the emissions of the car, and determine whether they are under the specified limit. After that test, the suspension will be checked and the steering of the vehicle will also be evaluated to determine if the axle is working properly. Once the testing has been completed, the company will create a comprehensive report highlighting any major issues, and determining whether your car fails or passes the MOT test.

What Happens if You Fail?

It’s not the end of the line for your vehicle if you fail the test. There are people driving cars on the roads that are decades old. In case your vehicle fails the MOT test, you will need to get the issues that have been highlighted on the report fixed first. In most situations, you can get the problems fixed directly from the workshop where the MOT test was conducted. After the car has been fixed and all issues have been resolved, you can then arrange for another MOT test. Keep in mind that the validity of the MOT test is a year, so once that time has passed, you will need to take it for a test again. These are some basic things you should know about the MOT testing in UK.

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