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Get Top Cash Rates for your Old Car


If you have a car that has served you faithfully for many years, there will come a day when repairs are no longer feasible, and despite a little emotional attachment, the vehicle is ready for that big scrapyard in the sky. Once you have made the decision to scrap the vehicle, you then have to find a scrapyard that will take it, and after you have located a trailer, you can take your faithful set of wheels on its last journey, or you can call your local scrap dealer, who would collect the vehicle.

Apart from end of life cars and vans, they will also collect:

  • Old domestic appliances
  • Old motorcycles
  • Radiators
  • IT hardware

Top Prices

Not only will scrap car services in Hinckley come and collect the vehicle, they will also pay you top prices in cash. Once the car is loaded up, it will be taken to their yard, where technicians will strip it of any parts that can be reconditioned, and the rest will be crushed and recycled, according to local council guidelines.

Commercial Vehicles

If you have run that old van into the ground and it is time to shell out on a new model, your local scrap dealer will be happy to collect the vehicle, and with top rates paid and responsible recycling, you can rest assured that the van will be recycled.

Environmental Policy

Any reputable scrap dealer will have their own environmental policy that states their practices, and if you search online for their website, you can read their environmental policy for peace of mind.

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