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How to Extend Your Car Lifespan?


When repairing prices are skyrocketing and the car manufacturers are advocating for millions for a simple car the last thing for you to worry could be about is getting your car conk out. To make sure that your car remain in a good working order and for having the quality well maintained you need to do simple task every day. When buying a brand new car by spending millions and after a few while everything goes out of order is quite a troubling thing. You need to make sure that the lifespan of your car is longer and that it remain working properly for more time without causing you to pay a penny. There are so simple task by doing that you can be sure to have a smooth and fit car with an increased lifespan. Read on!

· Check the Fluid

You should regularly heck the level of oil, antifreeze, transmission oil, brake oil and power steel fluid. The best time to perform this task is the moment you refill your petrol tank. Your car might not have any leakage issue but this could occur at any moment, and you will be able to identify it by regular checking. Do also check the color of the fluid.

· Avoid Short Trips

Some people uses a car even more going on a short distance. BY driving short trips on your car for many a times can damage your muffler. What happen is the car produces condensation the moment you start an engine. When you come to haul after a small distance the entire, condensation does not evaporate which accumulates on the muffler, thus leaving a rust hole in it.

· Check the Oil on a Regular Basis

The recommended range is three thousand to five thousand per five thousand kilometers to eight thousand kilometers. By regularly checking your oil, you can save your engine and improve gas mileage. The recommendation depends upon the type of oil one uses. You should also change the oil filter at the moment of changing the oil. Oil filters are not very costly.

· Change the Air Filter

The simple thing you should do is buy yourself a matching filter from nearby located auto parts shop and change the air filter. It is the simplest thing, which you can eve do from home; there is no need to pay a mechanic. By changing the sir filter, you can improve the acceleration of your car and improve its performance.

· Flush the Fluids

Fluids like power steering fluid, cooling system, brake fluid, and anti-freezing one should be changed as per the duration set by the manual of the respective product. Those belonging to American used car exporter requires longer intervals between the refiling and changing of the fluid. After every fifty thousand miles, it is recommended to change the fluid. The older fluid do not lubricate car parts and leave the vehicle unprotected. For instance, the old anti-freeze fluid will not perform well during cold winter days.

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