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Innovation and Technology in 2019 GMC Sierra 1500


The 2019 Sierra and its entire range of trim levels with all their details are yet to be confirmed by the GMC. But the initial information on them is shared by many GMC dealers among whom the Salinas GMC dealership is one. They shared with us the specifications shared by the company and here they go with a brief description.

What’s New

The 2019 model of GMC Sierra is different from its 2018 version in the following respects:

  • The light-weight full-sized pickup truck is redesigned
  • It has become larger in size, lighter in weight, and more efficient than its earlier versions
  • The interior has got more space for everyone with a roomier leg space
  • Both the utility and functionality have increased
  • It has loaded in it the infotainment system of next-generation
  • It has included new collision-avoidance and driver-assistance technologies
  • The cargo-hauling and trailer-towing are given a few innovative turns
  • The engines announced this year include a pair of V-8s and a 6-cylinder turbo diesel one.


The exterior body of Sierra 2019 is made of a perfect combination of steel and aluminum. It has shed a weight of almost 300 lbs. and for this GMC has used aluminum for framing the doors, hood and the tailgate. The Cargo boxes are mainly composed of a roll-formed steel that has become 50% stronger than before. One more feature added to this model is a MultiPro tailgate design with an attached step with the assist handle that can open in two different ways to be used as a makeshift workstation on a job site. All this is to improve the utility value and performance of the truck.


The 2019 Sierra in reference to what GMC has revealed wears new crew-cab look, that is larger in size when you get in. It has in it a best-in-class front headroom and legroom as declared by the company and can boast of a 3-in. stretch of rear legroom. The seating position accommodates taller people, too, while GMC has not forgotten to improve the interior storage space that was the motto of this redesign.


With this redesigned model of 2019 Sierra, GMC has reportedly improved the safety features of this pickup truck with the help of their OnStar application, features like Teen Driver programmable drive settings with monitoring and automatic collision notification.


With features like the next-generation IntelliLink infotainment system, that includes an 8-in. touch-screen display the new Sierra is now become a more technically sound vehicle. According to the GMC dealer Salinas GMC further adds to the glory of the vehicle with systems that can respond faster to inputs, an advanced voice-recognition capability, all decked up with new graphics and lots more. Navigation is now available, through the OnStar subscription services, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, that can be connected via the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot option of the truck. To increase visibility for the drivers a surround-view camera display, with a Hitch Guidance and View system has been installed.

Rounding Up

To sum up, the GMC 2019 Sierra model has proved itself to be counted as an asset by providing a grand package of features with heightened functionality and performance.

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