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Ideas for Playing with Spaces


Develop a small space – apartment, student room or studio and garage (old car removals and trimming of flowers close to the garage), here is a challenge not always easy to meet. However, with some tips, optimizing space can quickly become child’s play. Smart storage, plant walls, panels, here are tips to create space.

Opt for Clever Furniture

A bed that serves as a green room for clothes and other accessories, a perfect idea for small homes. With drawers and shelves, it can store many things. When there is little space, choosing furniture with multiple functions is a solution to consider. Various signs offer for children as for adults, in styles, prices, and colors.

What if you Play the Card of Originality?

Install a reading corner or a bed in a closet? Why not, if it saves more space in a small home? If it is a child’s room, no doubt he or she will love this small side cabin, which is a great source of inspiration. To keep wears and any other thing, you can, for example, use drawers to place beneath the bed. When you have little space, little tips like these can be as practical as they are useful!

Adopt the original plant wall

It is not because one has little space that one must map out a line on the green plants, to avoid cluttering the floor, simply hang them! The green wall allows bringing a touch of greenery to an interior without losing space on the ground. You can then choose di kinds disparate plants, with or without flowers, fat or not, aromatic. If you own a small terrace or a balcony.

Create a Small Dining Area

In a student room, it is not always possible to install a table to eat. Create a small counter that will serve as a dining area with a simple wooden board, an idea to remember! And if you desire to have a “real” table, there are diverse sizes and shapes and foldable to create space when not used.

Put Shelves

To keep dishes, towels or books, wall shelves are ideal and practical. You can decide or regulate from diverse sizes and styles, raw wood version or in various shades to bring color to your house. And if you wish to add a touch of originality, why not choose wall shelves cubes or representing the letters of the alphabet?

Another place to optimize space is also at the exterior of your building, most especially your garage. You can free up space in your garage by getting rid of old or used vehicles or even vehicles that you termed non-fashionable or junks; you can receive cash for scrap cars engrossing space in your environment.

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