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London Witnesses Surge in Sales of Honda Motorcycles


We feel sorry to see people still travelling in public transport, despite the increase in the number of Corona virus disease. While maintaining a social distance of six feet is compulsory, the microscopic droplets of contaminated water fly a greater distance when a man sneezes. People are aware of this fact and want to purchase their own transportation system. However, the high cost of cars puts it beyond their reach. Some individuals, especially those in the lower middle class income group cannot afford a Honda motorcycle too, even though one of the lowest priced model, the CB125F, costs only £2,799.00, without servicing. If you wish to opt for servicing too, you have to pay £3174.00, which entitles you to three prepaid services.

Financing available

The good news is that Motoden, the company selling this motorcycle helps you with financing as well. If you choose this option, you have to make an initial deposit of £544.96, and the balance in 36 monthly instalments of £69.00. This ensures that anybody can purchase the CB125F. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to purchase the top of the range Datatool TrakKING Adventure for an additional £69.00, which is equivalent to a month’s instalment. Motoden will supplied and fit it. We have made certain changes to the latest version of this model. Apart from the decrease in price, we have decreased the weight of this motorcycle by 11 kilogram as well. Despite these differences, this motorcycle provides a full-sized feel for a full-sized experience. You now have the option of going to work and returning home with the fear of catching the COVID19.

Zero financing available

We have you covered if you want to buy a Honda motorcycle, want to pay in easy monthly instalments, but do not want to pay more than the list price. We offer zero percent financing in models such as the Honda Reduced MSX125 (available in grey or red colours). We offer the same benefits in motorcycles manufactured by other companies such as Vespa, KTM, and Piaggio. While the Piaggio model comes cheaper than Honda, it lacks the features of the latter. Some of the features of the Honda Reduced MSX125 include:

Air-cooled 2-valve single cylinder engine

Electric starter (just turn the key and click on the starter button)

Kerb weight is only 103 KG

Fuel tank capacity is 6 litres

Turning radius is 19 metres

Honda motorcycle dealers in London

London boasts of many Honda motorcycle dealers, but Motoden is unarguably the leader. They offer the widest range of motorcycles manufactured by Honda. Visit their online shop to find out the street address and phone number of their physical stores, as well as to check the details of the different Honda motorcycles they have on offer. Travel safely & comfortably and pay much less by riding on a Honda motorcycle.

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