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Long Haul Truck Driving


There are many kinds of truck driving jobs. However, there are many people who don’t have any idea about that. Looking the approach to life of a long-haul truck driver and also the several unique options of the position is too intensive for an individual related to the trucking field. For this reason we have a tendency to examine 3 options connected with this job to begin with. We will take a glance at the schedule, salary, and also the pros and cons of Long Haul Truck Driving.

The position of the long haul is the most common kind of the drivers wanted positions. There are many new truck drivers who start out with one of these jobs. But among them, if you want to be well known over the road trucker then it requires willingness to be away from the family. But after taking these as a service, you should expect to be separated from home for a couple of days. Though the schedules are vary from company to company, but in most case it will be applicable for all types of truck driver. Basically a long haul truck driver’s average one day home for each week worked.

Before joining you should be prepared for the time management as you know that while on the road a driver may spend 18-23 hours daily inside of the truck. So after a short period of working time the routine of your job may become monotonous for you but you need to be patient while getting loaded or unloaded, waiting for the next load, and occasionally stopping at the truck stop. So if you have the ability to maintain that above said routine them you are welcomed at the world otherwise the best will be to change your mind.

The next thing that you need to look after is the salary. Basically the salaries for over the road truck drivers differ from the company. Actually the road truck drivers are compensated per mile. The compensation for seasoned driver is approximately 35 cents per miles, obviously the new truckers making less than an experienced driver. But that never differ a lot. The hours of service regulations are posted by the federal motor carrier safety administration.

There are many rules which a driver must be maintain but the drivers may have 70 hours of driving in 8 days to keep their trucking authority.
A driver might conservatively average 50 miles per hour for 70 hours. If they maintain that then they could get 3500 miles a week. So it sounds very good at the time of payments. But it is right that the life on the road is far from being perfect.

Basically the time getting worthless while getting loaded or unloaded, traffic congestion, and waiting for another load. It seriously slashes into the amount of income that a truck driver will make. There is a rule where drivers may drive for 11 hours in a day. And if a driver gets held up for 6 hours then he will pay for only 5 hours as drivers do not get compensate for time spent on the road while they are not driving.


An abundance of convenience

Get to envision the world.


Good compensation while not having a degree


Being apart from family

Interacting with unsafe drivers

Navigating an 18-wheeler in traffic

Unfavorable climatic conditions

Isolation / Loneliness

Instrumental failures

Issues keeping healthy

So when you start a career with these you have to keep in mind all of these to become a successful driver among the other divers.

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