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Mahindra Jeeto – Sahi Chuno, Kamao Zyada


Mahindra and Mahindra has successfully conquered the mini truck segment in India, coming up with the robust Mahindra Jeeto. Flagging the mini truck as the ‘best city mini truck’, Mahindra and Mahindra has delivered a product that stands absolutely true to its tagline: Sahi Chuno, Kamao Zyada. The mini truck has many benefits and features attached to it that make it the perfect choice for transporters who are looking for a great option for their inter and intra city shipping and deliveries. From its exterior to its tasteful interiors, from its performance to its dynamic variants, this mini truck has many advocates backing the claim that Mahindra and Mahindra has actually outdone themselves, going by all Mahindra Jeeto reviews. Here are the reasons why Mahindra Jeeto is one of the best models when it comes to mini trucks in the country.

  1. A great design on the outside

When you take the first look at Mahindra Jeeto, you will pick up on a distinguished design that it has to offer. One of the reasons that set this mini truck apart from its competitors is its exteriors. A striking design aspect of this truck is the silver strip the you see in front of it, that segregates the bumper and the front body. There is an optional provision of fog light cuts that come on the bumper. Even then the Mahindra Jeeto stays true to the quintessential Mahindra Trucks design as well, with a plastic stripe in the colour black. The styling of the mini truck is done such that it has an open deck design and has the flexibility to cater to the different requirements of different customers.

  1. Highly comfortable interiors

The mini truck is quite popular for the interiors it brings to the table. Mahindra Jeeto is touted as being quite comfortable and appealing on the inside. It has a 2 seater availability, and has the gear aligned with the dashboard for ease of access. This feature makes the truck all the more spacious. Another great addition to this truck is the fantastic dashboard, that has a power socket of 12v and has an analogue as well as digital instrument console.

  1. Robust engine performance

Going by Mahindra Jeeto’s specifications, it has a 1-cylinder, 625 cc water cooled engine fitted inside. It draws a maximum power of 16 bhp at 3600 rpm, and has a peak torque of 38 Nm at 1200 rpm. It also comes with two power outputs of 11 HP and 16 HP, which makes it easier for the user to choose according to their needs. Along with that, it also offers 3 separate lengths for its deck, and 2 variations in its payload capacity. Mahindra Jeeto’s mileage is accounted for as 33.2 km/l.

The Mahindra Jeeto mini truck comes in 3 different variants, the S, L and X series. There are beautiful shades that are offered for all the variants, and are highly eye catching. The truck is available in colours like Diamond White, Ultramarine Blue, Sunrise Red, Premium Beige and Mango Yellow.

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