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Motorcycle Training in London England


It’s a huge step to decide to sign up and take a motorcycle riding class. You might be concerned about how you’ll prepare yourself to enter into this training. It’s always a good idea to be ready prior to taking such a course. First, you should find a course that is suited to you and your needs. There are various types of motorcycle licenses that are categorized based on ages. If you’re 17 years old, you’ll be able to enroll for A1 (Light License) training. If you’re 19 years old, you’d be able to sign up for A2 (Restricted License) training.

If you’d like to ride unrestricted, you’ll have to register to take A3 license training. This is only an option if you’re 24 years of age or older. When you’ve taken this training, you’re allowed to ride a motorcycle at whatever speed you wish. You will need to sit for a theory exam first, then you’ll take a practical exam. The tests are on the more expensive side and they evaluate your riding skills.

Make sure that you have some crucial things with you for your course. Bring writing materials and a motorcycle handbook. Consider attending London Motorcycle Training for high-quality training in motorcycle riding. There are packages that are more cost-effective and many friendly instructors.

London Motorcycle Training Packages Available

The following packages are available inclusive of fuel, bike hire, VAT, riding gears, and insurance:

* Compulsory Basic Training (CBT): All riders should take this training. It will cost between 99-129 (don’t have the symbols for this). In order to sign up for it, you must have an EU driver’s license or UK driver’s license.

* Motorcycle Theory Exam: Once you’ve learned basics of motorcycle riding, you’re expected to take the theory exam.

* Practical Training: After the previous two are complete, you can take practical lessons. It costs 175 a day and you may attend for two days. At this point, you’d choose between A1, A2, and A3 licenses.

* Module 1 Test: If you would like detailed training, it’s recommended you take the module test which costs you 15.

* Module 2 Test: This test costs you 75. If you take both modules, you can hire a bike for 125.

Visit and sign up to join the motorcycle riding course for safe UK motorcycle training. This company is ready and willing to assist you in learning how to ride motorcycles so you’d be able to earn your professional license someday.

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