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Perth Auto Recyclers: Basic Information


Do you have an old vehicle parked around your property that you no longer use? If the vehicle is just sitting under the sun and gathering dust, you might want to consider selling it off or giving it to a recycling company. Most people don’t realise the number of emissions released from vehicles. Recycling is generally a good practice and has many advantages. Some of the key benefits of recycling include:

  • Less strain on resource acquisition
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lower production and processing costs

If you have an old car that you no longer you use and want to get off your property, you should contact a recommended auto recycling company in Perth. Here is some basic information about contacting an auto recycling company.


Many recycling companies offer a pickup service. If you have a car that doesn’t work at all, you can just contact the company and they will send over a team with a tow truck to take your car. Keep in mind that giving your car to a recycling company is a tax write-off so you can get the receipts from the company for filing your tax returns in the future.

The Process

The company will take your vehicle to their recycling yard and remove all of the components and panels. The metal components are sent to processing companies for further work and the rest of the material is broken down and used for manufacturing different items. It’s always a better idea to recycle than to discard.

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