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Public Transport versus Private Automobile


Used car outlets have experienced a renewed surge in sales of second hand cars as the number of public transport continues to decrease. This is not a new trend given the uncountable benefits of private owned vehicle over public transport. Besides, who wants to use public transport when used cars provide an extremely cost effective and cool alternative to the potential buyers and those in needs?

The Differences

Public transport comes with many restrictions. The public transport vehicles move at a fixed speed and follow the longest route to cover maximum road between two junctions. The public transport sees many individuals of all personalities travelling in the same space. Some suffer from allergies, some from hygiene issues while others from travel sickness. No personal work can be carried out in these modes of travelling. The public transport vehicles are more often than no jam packed with travelers and the journey can become highly exhausting for longer distances. Public vehicles drop the travelers at pre set stands and points and hence the journey between bus and metro stand to the actual point of visit / house has to be made individually.

During night time, public transport is not considered to be the safest option as the crowd is minimal and the people travelling at night are not particularly dependable. Additionally, the journey from the stand to house can be troubling and unsafe if carried out alone or in a couple. Public transports are not available at odd hours and this might cause a lot of trouble if a particular mode of transport is missed or one faces an unusual schedule modification on some occasions. The best resolution to this is to get hold of a car for individual usage.

The Rise of Second Hand Car Showrooms

Used cars in San Diego showrooms have multiplied in number and the reason behind this is the increasing demand of used cars among potential car buyers. The rate at which the manufacturers are making newer models available and the vast variety of options for the buyer to choose from has left little space for imagination. The intelligent buyer is instead going for a three to four year older model which is available at one fourth of the market price at best. Used car providers have a great role to play in the increased interest in used cars in San Diego.

Each Adult in United States of America holds a car on an average. All the issues and conflicts experienced in public transport can be overcome by using a car. The best part is that self owned car can be stopped or started as per individual choice and hence this neutralizes the possibility of finding oneself at the wrong place and wrong time. Buying a second hand car is an answer to all travelling issues experienced by the average youth and grown – ups of the society. Public transport is a great way of reducing pollution, traffic jams and resource wastage but the world is not ready for a disciplines public transport environment.

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