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Taking Your Car for a MOT Test


All car owners that have vehicles which are over three years old need to get them tested. The Ministry of Transport has assigned a MOT test that needs to be conducted each year if you want to drive your vehicle on the road. If you are caught with an expired certificate, you could end up receiving a hefty fine. However, arranging for an MOT test isn’t a problem, for there are plenty of testing centres around the country from where you can get your car tested. Rather than conducting all of the tests in one place, the Ministry has assigned numerous workshops around the country to conduct the tests. Here is some brief information about arranging for the MoT test.

Find a Local Testing Centre

You should start searching for local MOT testing centres in Erith that are situated close to your place if you want to get an MOT test done. A simple online search will reveal to you all of the different MOT testing centres that are situated nearby. You can then decide where you would like to take your car.

Call the Testing Centre

The testing is done at the local workshop by certified mechanics. When you call the workshop, they will pencil you in for the test on a particular date and time. You can take your car to the place at the designated time in order to get the testing done. The entire test will be completed within an hour or two, and you can just relax in the waiting room while it’s conducted. If your car passes the test, the company will give you a certificate. If not, they will compile a report of all the problems and ask you to get them fixed before bringing the car for another test.

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