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Tata Tiago JTP vs Maruti Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI


In these days, most of the people are like to invest in the automobile. Consumers have a wide range of choice to invest in better products on their limited budget.   Lots of company is offering huge collections of cars with advanced features and specifications. A Tata motor is a well-known automobile manufacturing company in India. It has seen immense success on Tiago which avail in the domestic market. This company is launching new models of auto with advanced specifications.  All Tata Cars come with beautiful and stylish designs.  Numerous people are using tata vehicles nowadays.

 Why invest in Tata Cars?

It is most revenue generator of the latest brands of the automobile.  It becomes popular for entry-level vehicle buyers.  The auto manufacturing company is creating cars to release new design automobile to the clients.  Manufacturers in the company are preparing auto by using superior quality of components. Tata cars provide good performance to the car owners. Many people are accessing the different variants of this company vehicle.

 Comparison of Tata Tiago JTP, Volkswagen Polo GT TSI, Maruti baleno:

If you are looking to buy a newly launched vehicle, then you have to consider some important things.  In the following content, you might acquire comparisons of these variants cars like Tata Tiago JTP, Volkswagen Polo GT TSI, and Maruti Baleno.  These automotive gives fine performance part in the Indian market.  Tigor JTP has excellent petrol sedan when compared to the other two autos.

 Specification comparison:

When considering three cars, Tigor JTP is low riding and smallest vehicle.   It also has small interior space.  Polo and baleno autos have convenient space to sit. Polo auto explains middle ground among dimensions, although Baleno offers highest and biggest riding in the competitive world.    Length of three automobiles is Tiago JTP (3746), VW polo (3971) and BALENO RS (3995).  Automobiles come with a wheelbase of 2400, 2520 and 2469.  JTP contains height of 1502, Baleno 1510 and VW polo 1469.  However,   all the cars exist with a width of 1647(tiago jtp), 1745 (baleno) and 1682 ( voltswagen polo).

 Engine type:

 While buying an automobile from the manufacturer’s consumers must have to explore engine specification.  Baleno RS vehicle comes with an engine type of 3 cylinders, 1.0 liter, and booster jet engine.Vw polo has 1.2 liters, TSI, and 4 cylinders and tiago jtp 1.2 liters, 3 cylinders, turbo charged. Maruti and Tata have the same cylinder whereas voltswageon polo has four cylinders.

Power consumption and torque:

  All three cars avail with the power of 110PS (tiago JTP), 101PS (baleno) and 105PS (VW polo).  The torque of the automobile is 150Nm, 150Nm, and 175Nm.  Tata and maruti also have 5-speed of manual transmission,buy  VW  has 7 speed DSG.

Price of vehicle:

 The polo comes among automatic transmission.  It assists riders to dive cars at high speed on the highways.    Price of the cars is Maruti Rs. 8.45, VW polo 9.20 and tata 6.75 lakh.

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