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Has Your Vehicle Been in a Wreck


If you need to have car body repair work done, do so immediately. Any time that the frame of a car is damaged, it is dangerous. You do not want to drive a damaged car as hitting a pothole can lead to another mishap. Also, the value of your car is compromised if you do not have the repair initiated.

Taking Care of Body Damage

If you are involved in an accident, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Always report the accident right away.
  • If your car has received minor damage, you can deal directly with the insurance company.
  • If your car has suffered more severe damage, take it to a shop that specialises in car body repairs in Abingdon. Instruct you insurer to send and estimator to the location. This way, the adjuster can make a thorough evaluation for hidden damage.

Receiving the Service You Need

The only drawback to having an adjuster visit the shop is the wait time. Otherwise, sending out an adjuster is advised if you want to have a complete assessment made. If the insurance company says that it will pay less than the price given by the shop, you can either pay the out-of-pocket difference or dispute the insurer’s offer.

Just make sure that you take it to a shop that provides quality service. Review the reputation of the business. A car body specialist that offers services for difficult body repairs is one that is committed to providing the best work. This factor, in and of itself, is an important consideration in making a selection for a shop.

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