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Tesla Model 3 – 8 Cool Facts You Need to Know


To all the Tesla lovers out there, your wait is finally over!

Tesla – the renowned designer and manufacturers of electric sedan and the Model X electric SUV, has officially confirmed the Indian launch of their highly awaited sedan Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) has also confirmed that deliveries of Tesla Model 3 will begin by the end of this year.

It is a well-known fact that Tesla Model 3 is an innovative electric sedan, which can be pre-booked for an initial token amount of $1000, close to Rs. 66,500. But what attracts our minds and senses, is the asking price tag of this car. For the base variant of Tesla Model 3, you have shell out $35,000, which comes around Rs.23 lakhs (without local taxes). The top variant may still cross the mark of Rs.30 lakhs.

If you are planning to gift yourself this innovation, we have an amazing treat for you. We are presenting you 8 interesting and cool facts about the Tesla Model 3.

# 1
A’ Made In India’ Tag?

Jay Vijayan, Tesla’s Chief Information Officer has confirmed that the company is planning to have a manufacturing plant in India. If this becomes reality, you may have the pleasure to drive a ‘Made in India’ Tesla Model 3. This will also bring down the price tag of this car, and you would be able to save a good portion your hard-earned money.

# 2
Power at its best

Not a diesel engine? No petrol engine? Ohh!! Electric, means no power. Well, if you are thinking the same, you must revamp your thoughts. The Tesla Model 3 is not low in terms of power. This amazing car is fitted with 7,200 Superchargers, churning amazing performance. As per the official reports, the Model 3 will touch 0-60 miles per hour that too in less than six seconds. And hence, you must reshape your thoughts about electric cars today.

# 3


The Tesla Model 3 will feature an Autopilot technology added with advanced safety features. If you were planning to have an auto-driven (also known as self-driven) car in India, your wait is about to get over!

# 4
Amazing Design & Features

It is worthless to mention that the Tesla Model 3 is currently one of the most stylish sedans available around, probably the best. This stylish car is just superb in terms of overall design and finish quality. It features a slopping panoramic glass, stylish character lines, LED tail lamps, sporty alloy wheels and brilliantly designed ORVMs. And not to forget, it has an amazing 15-inch touchscreen inside.

# 5
215 Miles on Single Charge

Tesla’s CEO has confirmed that the Tesla Model 3 will run at least 215 miles on a single charge. Not only this, but Tesla is working hard to exceed the promised figure. We expect that the top-end variant of Tesla Model 3 may be equipped with a bigger battery, promising a better range. All the variants will come with Supercharging standard, which again would be a treat for the Model 3 owners.

# 6
Seating Capacity for 5

No, Tesla Model 3 doesn’t compromises with the seating capabilities. It is a full-size family sedan which would fit 5 people in.

# 7
Advanced Safety Features

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla quoted “It will be an incredibly safe car,” while unveiling the Tesla Model 3. The company hasn’t compromised at anywhere while adding the safety features in this car. During its unveiling, the company promised that the Tesla Model 3 will successfully get a 5-Star safety rating in all the testing categories.

# 8
An Affordable Price Tag

As we have already mentioned earlier, the Tesla Model 3 is an amazing deal which will have a starting price tag of $35.000. This comes around Rs.23 lakhs (excluding local taxes), when converting in INR. Going with this, we can say that it is really not a bad deal. You can now one this innovation in India without costing a bomb in your pocket. Go ahead and pre-book your Tesla Model 3 today!

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