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The Best Way to Transport Your Race Car


Your race car is a huge investment, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time. This means that you will do whatever it takes to look after it. Competing on race day is one thing, but the last thing you want is for your precious investment to be damaged during transport to the track. That could spell disaster for both your bank balance and your chances of qualifying for the finals.

What Kind of Trailer to Use

On race day, it’s important to be able to transport your car safely and securely. After all, you won’t be driving it there, so you’ll need to transport it using a trailer. Some people prefer to stick to the tried and true methods when it comes to trailer transport, but in recent years, the tilt deck car trailer has become very popular as a reliable way to get cars to the race track.

The major problem with regular trailers is that they don’t easily accommodate the low vehicles that comprise the bulk of race cars. This means that loading them can be a hassle and can even increase the risk of physical damage to the car. This is the last thing that any race car owner wants to have to deal with, especially on race day!

Why Use a Tilt Trailer?

A tilt trailer works a little differently than a regular trailer and provides the following benefits:

  • Ease of loading: Given that most race cars are very low to the ground and already have a low centre of gravity, it can be difficult to load them into a regular trailer. The tilt trailer, by contrast, allows for easy loading of vehicles that are very low to the ground.
  • Safety: The fact is that regular trailers take some work to load. This can be a concern if heavy vehicles are being loaded. The tilt trailer doesn’t use a ramp, so there is no need for anyone to lift and slide anything heavy and potentially dangerous. This makes loading them a breeze and makes them a lot safer for everyone involved. Since the deck actually functions as the ramp when loading a vehicle, this means that a tilt trailer can even be used in wet and rainy conditions, with a decreased chance of an injury or anything worse occurring.
  • Lower risk of damage: Because tilt trailers feature more width between the fenders, there is a decreased chance of damage being caused to any car that is being loaded. This is good news for all race car owners who have spent a lot of money on their cars!

Unlike the traditional ramp trailer, the tilt trailer has no additional ramp. The deck tilts to the ground to allow for easy loading of low vehicles or anything else. This makes loading a safer and more secure process for everyone involved, and even means that there is a decreased chance of the vehicle being damaged. This is great news for race car owners who have spent a lot of money on their investments!

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