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The Economics of RV Holidays


If money constraints are one of the most significant impediments to you going on holiday, you are not alone. Recent studies have shown that most people who are not going on holidays much as they would like are avoiding them because they do not have the extra money to fund their holidays. Between the food, hotel, and flights, a holiday can be incredibly expensive. The most affordable way to do take a holiday is to travel by RV. Renting an RV can greatly reduce the amount of money you have to spend on your holiday; it reduces your travel costs, food costs, and lodging costs. Here is how it all works.

Travel Costs

The cost of travel itself is one of the biggest expenses, even if you’re not going far away. If you fly to your destination, you will have to pay for airfare, which tends to fluctuate in price but can be very expensive. In addition, the number of people traveling with you multiplies the cost of airfare. Then, once you get to your destination, you’ll have to find some way to get around. You can call a taxi or a rideshare, or you can rent a car. Renting a car is the more affordable option, there but it’s still not as inexpensive as an RV.

When you travel to various RV rental locations, you can compare the different prices for rentals. When you drive an RV to your destination, you not only don’t have to pay for airfare, but you also don’t have to pay for a rental car. Your RV can get you everywhere you need to go. If you don’t want to drive the RV around everywhere you go, it’s possible to tow your own personal vehicle behind most RVs, which will save you money when you get to your destination. Lastly, the price of an RV rental is divided by the number of people traveling with you, not multiplied. If you have five people paying for the price of the RV, you will only have to pay 20% of the cost. That’s a huge amount of savings.

The Lodging Costs

The lodging costs are important as well. Instead of having to pay for a hotel, you will be able to sleep in your RV. That could result in you saving a few hundred dollars on your holiday. Even if you stay in a hotel every night but one, you will still save a lot of money. Furthermore, you should consider the food costs.

Food Costs

Different types of RVs have different amenities. Some of them have spartan accommodations that allow you to heat up food that’s already been cooked but not make your own. Others have robust kitchens that come equipped with a great number of different appliances for preparing and storing food. Whatever the case may be, the ability to make food in your RV eliminates the need to go to a restaurant. That can save you an incredible amount of money over time. There are many other ways an RV can save you money on your holiday, which is why you should seriously consider renting one.


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