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The Importance and working of Oil Pressure Gauge


You know that your car is in its optimum working condition when all its parts run smoothly. For smooth functioning of the engine of the car all its parts need to be well lubricated. This lubrication needs the right amount of oil pressure. This correct oil pressure can be maintained with the help of an efficient Oil Pressure Gauge.

A competent gauge for scrutinizing the oil pressure can resolve several potential car troubles with the help of its PSI readings. Any issues with regard to oil leakages or a part’s nonfunctioning can be acknowledged with the help of this gauge and if the problem is rectified soon, it can protect your car from some major damages.

There are two types of oil pressure gauges, mechanical and electrical gauges.

  1. Mechanical gauge: This high maintenance gauge is hardy used in the modern day cars, however the readings provided by this gauge are considered more accurate. A change in the positioning of the spring or pipes in this kind of gauge instantly indicates a rise or fall in the oil pressure.
  2. Electrical gauge: This gauge is used in most cars today because it is low maintenance and easy to read. The needle on the dashboard of many new cars instantly display the oil pressure as soon as the ignition is on because electrical signal passes through the circuit of wires inside this gauge.

How to check oil pressure gauge readings?

Most of the cars have oil pressure readings displayed on the dashboard that reads from 0-100. When the engine is in idle the reading will be zero and a normal engine functioning will have the reading within 20-60.

Low Reading: If the gauge shows a lower than normal reading than it suggest that there is some fault with the gauge due to overheating of the engine. The other indication of a lower value could mean that the lubricating oil needs to be restored.

High Reading: If the gauge shows a higher than normal reading than it suggests that the engine is cold due to some reason. It could also suggest a block in the oil delivery. Since you rarely come across high readings, this indication cannot be ignored. If you see the oil symbol light turned on take immediate action or else the car could face serious damages like oil filter burst etc.

A good quality oil pressure gauge is always an asset for your car as it provides timely assistance preventing huge losses and damages to the car. Frequent maintenance of the gauge is a must. In case you need to buy a new one there are plenty of online options available other than the service stations.

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