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The Search For the Perfect Car Care Products


The Search Begins

Have you recently experienced the need to have your car spotlessly clean in every way for a particular day you were going to have? Most people do have times in their schedule when they would like to have their cars looking extra special. Maybe you are going into town for an important meeting, a hopeful job interview with the perfect company, to see a couple about selling their home, a car show where you want your Model T Ford looking extra special, or taking your sweetheart to a day at the local pier for fish and chips.

Any of these occasions is enough to spend a little more time to prepare your car. It won’t take long, and you can easily apply a coat of your particular car spray in seconds to coat your windows or seats to keep a fresh look and sheen. But after a few seconds, you still have the same problem as before. Your day is getting frustrating, and you want your car to have the shine you know it can. Your search continues for the right cleaner.

The Difficult Clean

The difficult clean is when you wash, wax, and spray your car, but the windows remain smudgy, the upholstery has the smell of last week’s fast-food joint, and your dashboard looks like a piece of granite that is yet to be polished. What is needed to keep a car clean is a spray that you can apply with ease and can destroy odors, revive the fabric of your car, and keep water from streaking your hood and windows? Products manufactured by nanoCare can do the trick. These products are new technology that protects the entire car’s surface and interior.

Add Fresh Scents

Your job is not yet done. Now that you have the exterior and the interior of your car in good shape, you realize that one more element of the clean car is a fresh scent. You are not asking for much, and it is just something you can hang on the rearview mirror or hang from the back of your seat. You think that is all it will take.

After some deliberation, you don’t want to seem so obvious that you make your special date think, “Hey, smell this scent,” so you might have to be a little less obvious. Maybe putting one of those potpourri bags on the dashboard or under the seat will work, but then you start to worry whether the bag might slide out from underneath the seat or slide off the dashboard. You decide to take a chance and put the potpourri in the car door side pocket. At least in there, no one will see it and the scent will still travel throughout the car. One last thought—scented candle in the glove compartment?

Then you think about one of those little trees that always work? Yes, but aren’t those pretty strong? Do you get the idea? Keeping a car fresh and clean is just a chore, and it takes a lot of work to pull together all the things you think will make a car feel and look clean.

New Car Care

Remember the first day you sat in your car? You were about to drive off the lot with your new vehicle. The smell was brand new. For days that smell just lingered. All of a sudden, after a few days in the sun, that scent just disappeared. You have the idea that it would be nice to bring that scent back to your car again.

Those are the kinds of challenges people have when they are very particular about how their car looks and smells when they are behind the wheel or picking up someone important. Car care is becoming a science these days, and it is giving you some extra options to make you feel comfortable in your car. What is the use of having a luxury car if it doesn’t smell like luxury? For example, when you have to travel out of the country and you leave your car in the airport parking lot, having a spray bottle of Armor All, Blunteffects, or Febreze would do the trick. Anything to clear the old air in the car.

Now you will at least have a few options for next time you need to prepare your vehicle for another special day out.

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