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The Signs of Car Battery Problems


Your automobile battery is responsible for two basic functions; it runs the electrical components of your vehicle when the engine is not on, and it is used to start your vehicle. So, the most obvious signs that you are having battery problems are when you have problems with your electrical components when the engine is not on, and when the engine will not start. You should first rule out other problems.

Rule Out Other Problems

To rule out other problems, you should isolate the battery as a source of the problem. If you can, you should jump start your car. If the car starts with a jump and continues to run, it is likely that the problem lies with your battery. However, if your car starts when being jumped but dies as soon as you remove the external power, it’s likely that you have an alternator issue.

If you can turn on your internal electronics while the engine is not on but the car won’t start, that’s likely not a battery problem. It’s probably a starter problem. This is one of the most common Dorset garage services.

Replace the Battery

You also might need to replace your car’s battery. You should talk with a professional about what you might need from your battery. There are many different types of batteries that will cover many different scenarios. For example, there are deep cycle batteries that are designed for vehicles that are not used very often. There are cold weather batteries as well. These are just a few of the most popular type of batteries being installed in vehicles.

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