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The Way Hyundai Designs Its Vehicles


Hyundai Motor as one of the age-old automotive brands have come a long way with a history of glory to share with. Contributing significantly to the automotive industry with innovative ideas and their implementations, Hyundai is still in its journey towards an even brighter future that gets reflected in the vehicle designs we see on the roads.

Based on a principle, which they call it as “Sensuous Sportiness”, Hyundai never lagged behind in presenting the state-of-the-art body shapes of vehicles that lineup each kind of body style.

Experts serving at Petaluma Hyundai dealership are proud to state the fact that Hyundai moves on the principle of maximizing the emotional value  of people in perfect harmony with a sense of proportion, that works rigorously on framing the ideal structure, the exquisite styling, and the cutting edge technology, to produce cars that essentially meet while usually exceeding the demands of people, while the sense aesthetics mostly come as a bonus for the customers, who believe in this brand.

Defining Sensuous Sportiness:

To define what Hyundai wants to convey when they call their design philosophy as “Sensuous Sportiness”, we can refer to the next-generation design direction that Hyundai provides to the automotive industry while establishing their brand identity.

The phrase “Sensuous Sportiness” illustrates the design that matches the aspiration of people who have a special taste for both futuristic designs that carry along a sporty spirit. This unique combination took years of salvation to be built up and what we see in the Hyundai vehicles today is the result of this constant effort.

The design principle of Hyundai is based on the right proportion of intrinsic and intuitive beauty of automobiles blending together in terms of exterior styling, the overall proportion, totality in its architecture, and finally the latest technology.

The Cascading Grille

One of the most prime examples of this design concept of Hyundai as a unique brand of automobile is the “Cascading Grille,” that stands as a signature design from the house of Hyundai. This is a design concept which can be interpreted as a direct reflection of the aesthetic minds that work beneath the shades of Hyundai manufacturing unit. The Cascading Grille we see in each Hyundai vehicle is a symbol of pride and confidence that Hyundai takes in designing its vehicles.

Le Fil Rouge

As shared by the experts of Hyundai dealer Petaluma, Hyundai commits to achieve a try-leading design excellence that is specially named as the “Le Fil Rouge”. It is primarily the name of a concept car of Hyundai that stands for all the principles that lies beneath the concept of Sensuous Sportiness. These unique design elements were exemplified best through the Hyundai models, that got released in the last couple of years that includes body styles from sedans to SUVs.

In respect of originality and uniqueness,  each of Hyundai vehicles ensure that every vehicle that comes out from this brand is able to offer design values that encourages the need for both functionality and aesthetics.  

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