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Three Car Maintenance Tips to Help Save Money on Repairs


If you don’t take good care of your vehicle, then having it repaired can be very expensive. Fortunately, you can help control the necessity and costs of car repairs by having your car regularly maintained. Here are three tips for maintaining your vehicle.

Schedule Regular Oil Changes

It is important to the life of your vehicle to have the oil changed regularly, and doing so can also help the engine work better too. As oil moves through the engine to lubricate it, it picks up the dirt within the engine. The engine may also burn oil and, if you don’t change it, all the oil may be burned and the engine will no longer receive lubrication. This can cause the motor to seize and fail.

Replace Filters

There are several filters in your car which help trap dirt and keep it from moving through the engine. You should have the air, oil, and gas filters changed regularly so they don’t become clogged and allow more dirt to get into the motor. Clogged filters can prevent the engine from working efficiently, which can cause it to use more fuel.

Conduct Visual Inspections

You can help your mechanic keep your car in great shape by visually inspecting the tyres, hoses, fan belt, and battery connections. If you notice any leaking or wear, hear squeals from the belt, or notice that your tyres treads look low, you should schedule garage services in London. Along with saving on car repairs, checking these car parts can prevent inconvenient breakdowns.

The oil should be changed according to the vehicle’s owner’s manual, but it typically ends up being about every three months. Air, gas, and oil filters can be changed at that time as well, but you can inspect the air filter to see if it needs to be changed and, if so, change it yourself.

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