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Top Signs You Need Transmission Repair and Serving


It’s important to keep your car in the best working condition possible, which means keeping your vehicle tuned up and attending regular checks. This also means seeking repairs whenever necessary. While many vehicle owners regularly avoid making repairs due to affordability, it will actually cost you less if you get your vehicle serviced sooner rather than later.

One of the most common issues is transmission-related. While common, transmission repair costs can be very expensive, which is just another reason why you should seek repairs sooner rather than later to prevent having to replace the transmission, rather than completing a repair which will cost you less. To make sure your vehicle is in good condition, here are the top signs you need transmission repair or gearboxes in Kent.

Car Shakes When You Shift Gears

A normally functioning transmission will transmission smoothly. If there is any jerking, creaking, or shaking when you shift gears, you’ll want to have your vehicle checked out. There are several issues that may be the cause behind this kind of behaviour, however, it is commonly the vehicle transmission.

Noises in Neutral

Your car should generally be silent when in neutral. Any clicking or other strange noises should be checked out right away. Wear and tear on gear teeth can cause sounds like groaning, whirring, ticking, and scraping, which will require servicing.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Any leaks from your vehicle should be classified as abnormal. There is a whole host of reasons behind leaks, most of which can affect your car’s transmission. In order to extend the working life if your vehicle and make sure you don’t end up stranded, book an appointment to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible in any case.

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