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Tyre Replacements Keep Motorists Safe


If your tyres are worn and you continue to drive on them, you can have an accident. Not only could you have a blowout, but you may experience a crash on slick pavement. That is why you need to have your tyres routinely inspected. Doing so is a priority if you want to ensure your and your family’s safety.

When Replacements Should Be Made

Regardless of your tread wear, you should plan on replacing your tyres every six years. Heat is often the culprit for this type of deterioration. Exposure to a heated surface and the sun’s ultraviolet rays can change your tyres structurally. In addition, extreme weather conditions combine with potholes and rocks to damage and wear down your tyres. To choose the right tyres in Hampshire for your car, base your selection by shopping by vehicle, tyre size, or top-rated tyres.

How Unsafe Tyres Can Affect Driving

If your tyres are unsafe, the following can also occur:

  • Handling becomes difficult, especially in rainy or snowy conditions
  • Treads that are worn can cause other parts of a vehicle to wear down at a faster rate

Have Your Alignment Checked

Besides having your tyres replaced, make sure that they are properly aligned. Alignment supports tyre longevity. Therefore, you need to have an alignment check performed regularly. To ensure the longevity of your tyres, make sure that you practice the following steps as well:

  • Check your tyre pressure and inflate your tyres monthly.
  • Rotate your tyres about every 8,000 kilometres.
  • Look for signs of tread wear on a regular basis.

By keeping the following measures in mind, you can drive more safely and enjoy better handling on the motorways.

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