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Undeniable Questions to Ask Before Opting For an Auto Body Shop


It is imperative to say that automobiles are an individual’s prized possession. Sheer hard work, determination and savings ultimately transpire into one’s dream four-wheeler which adorns a special place in the heart of its owner. However, often your priceless vehicle can face unprecedented damage ranging from a minor scratch to a heart wrenching collision. Panic and a sense of emergency builds in one’s mind as the hunt for a reliable auto body shop begin with immediate effect.

So, if you are a resident of North Carolina, then reliable body shop names like Team Auto Group emerges to render immediate solution. However, before you opt for a vehicular body repair shop, you must take heed of the following checklist.

Reputation and Brand popularity

You as a vehicle owner will always desire to leave your vehicle in able hands. So, perform in-detail research about the reputation of a company. An effective way to do so is going through online reviews of a company. User reviews are an effective way to learn about a company’s performance and its reliability as an automobile repair shop.

Word of mouth is another reliable way of judging the reliability of a company. Have a talk with previous or existing customers of the company and see how they have fared with the automobile repair venture. This will help you get a clear idea before signing the deal.

Check for affordability

While contacting an expert is important, your budget must also be taken into consideration. Ask your shortlisted outlet for a catalogue of its pricings and chalk out your required services. Once done, compare the same with multiple other shops to get the most affordable quote that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Moreover, you can also check out the online sites of your shortlisted companies. This is will not only help you out in identifying their actual services, such as…

  • Paint job variations
  • Custom body works
  • Collision repair

Assurance of warranty

Now, this is obvious! You don’t want to be re-paying for any quality inconsistency in terms of the auto body repair shop. Question your chosen experts about the rendition of warranty, it clauses and how for how long it is available.

Note: Check the terms and conditions of the company so as to ensure the presence of warranty and delve in transparency.

What is their duration of repair?

Depending on the magnitude of damage to your vehicle, a repair shop must provide an estimated delivery date. It should lay down the intricacies of the repair as well as the time to be taken for each process.

It will not only help you get an approximation of the expected delivery date, but will also aid in you in idealizing the potential monetary expenses you shall have to incur.

Thus, you can say that while choosing a collision repair shop, it is imperative to go through the above points so that you receive the most able service at disposal. This is where collision repair ventures like Team Auto Group come to the scene in providing your vehicle with its deserved care.

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