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What Is An Approved Repair Centre?


So, you’ve had a bad prang on your way to work and it has officially ruined your day. Your car is still driveable but it’s not looking pretty and those pound signs are already adding up behind your rather disgruntled eyes. You’ve done the awkward exchange of details and now you’re stuck at the side of the road wondering how you got into this mess and where it is you’re supposed to go next.

Well, fortunately for you, there are thousands of approved repair centres dotted about the length and breadth of the country. Approved repair centres allow drivers in need of urgent attention the chance to bypass time consuming estimates that might otherwise delay or hold up the repair of their vehicle, says MSN journalist Tom Evans. These specially designed centres are equipped with the latest in technological equipment and advancements, as well as the most highly trained staff. They’re there to get you back on the road as soon as possible, which is why most offer almost immediate on-site estimates.
The question is – are these approved repair centres worth the money or are they just another way to plumb the depths of drivers’ pockets?


As aforementioned, approved repair centres allow a driver to ask for an on the spot estimate. There are many different advantages to this – the most common being the ability to get back on the road much quicker than is possible with an estimate from an insurer. An insurer, particularly after an accident, will take some time to reach an accurate cost for the repairs that your vehicle needs. If you decide to take your car to a garage that hasn’t been approved by your insurer, you’ll probably have to wait even longer for an estimate. On the other hand, if you take your car to the nearest approved repair centre – they’ll look it over and give you the most accurate estimate that they can in such a short space of time. The work will be done as quickly as possible, by engineers who are trained to meet the needs of your vehicle. What more could you ask for?


There aren’t all that many downsides to taking your car to an approved repair centre – especially if it’s very badly damaged. The only real problem is cost. On the spot estimates are almost always much higher than those that have been considered for the standard length of time by an insurer. This tends not to be because a garage is trying to rip you off, but simply because it’s difficult to come to an accurate estimate without having had an in-depth look at the vehicle first. If your car isn’t seriously damaged and can still be legally and safely driven on the road – you do not need to take your car to an approved repair centre like Balgores Motors.

That is, unless you’re desperate for it to be fixed up and you don’t mind paying more money than an insurer would usually ask for. There is one other problem that seems to be growing in size and scope at the moment – more and more garages are undertaking additional repair or maintenance work before asking the car owner for permission. The Virgin Media guide to motoring advises drivers to jot down a note of the necessary repairs you want undertaking and give the engineer in charge of your car a copy. That way, if your car comes back with repairs that you didn’t ask for or know about – you can dispute the extra cost.

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