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What to Do if you Get Locked Out of Your Car


The one thing that is absolutely assured, is that despite all the advances made in car security and lock design, people are always somehow going to find themselves, frustratingly locked out of their vehicle. Lost keys, keys left in the ignition, malfunctioning electronic keys, are all horribly annoying and often leave us stuck somewhere, needing urgent assistance. There was a time when we had pop up locks on the inside of our doors which could be opened by forcing a coat hanger or stiff packing tape between the jamb of the door, over the knob and simply pull up, and hey presto, we are in. No longer though, as today most of our entry systems are electronic and the pull-up knob on the door has long since been done away with.

Replacing an Electronic Opening Mechanism Key

Electronics in vehicles has become increasingly complex and sophisticated, so that today, it is not just simply a case of cutting a new key. Additionally, a new chip has to be programmed to ensure that the vehicle can be accessed and operated. If you have lost your keys, a car locksmith from Exeter will be able to provide you with a replacement, but at the same time, will be able to remove your old keys from the vehicles database, to ensure that if someone finds them, they will not be able to use them to get into, or start the car.

Keys Left Inside the Vehicle

It can be incredibly frustrating to be able to look through the window of your vehicle and actually be able to see your keys, maybe, even sat in the ignition, ready to go, but be unable to get into your vehicle to retrieve them. Even though vehicle locks are substantially superior to those of the past, a trained locksmith will still be able to pick the lock on your vehicle, without actually damaging the lock in any way. Unless there is a critical emergency, such as a dog or very young child inside the vehicle on a hot day, calling a locksmith, rather than breaking a window is the most sensible and cost effective option.

Damaged Keys and Damaged Locks

Modern keys can be damaged in a number of ways, some of which can be extremely annoying, such as when a key works intermittently, and of course, normally works perfectly when you are trying to explain or show the problem. The transponder chip may well be to blame, and this along with worn out keys, bent or broken ones, or even one that is stuck in the ignition, will not turn and won’t come out, can be dealt with swiftly and easily by a trained professional. Locks can also become faulty and either stick or not operate correctly.

Whether it is the centralised locking system at fault, or a single lock or latch causing problems, a good car locksmith will repair or replace the system quickly, and where installing a replacement, can fit it, such that your existing keys will function, so you don’t have to get replacements. Getting locked out of a car happens to us all, so keeping your local locksmith’s details handy is a good idea.

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