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Why Car Recycling Is Important?


Is your car old and not running well? Are you thinking of selling off your car for recycling?

You must check out Cars Wanted Melbourne for free Car Removals service today. We ensure that faithful old vehicle will not be dumped amongst Australia’s half-million disposed automobiles.

Using our Scrap Car Removals services, you can now look forward to recycling your car instead of treating it like junk. The entire process will be taken care of by our team of professionals and you will not have to bother about the slightest hassles of taking your car here and there.

You can enjoy the most seamless car recycling procedure with us. Moreover, there are a whole lot of benefits to recycling your age-old car too.

Here are the various benefits of recycling old cars:

  • Benefits of Recycling Metal:

The vehicle is made of precious metal or steel that can be used again for various purposes. Hence, steel ore does not have to be mined so we save in conserving natural metals. Also, we spend less energy for manufacturing the metal when we use recycled steel. As a result, we decrease air pollution and water pollution. We generate less waste from mining. We carefully remove oil, brake fluid, coolant and gases from air conditioning. Thus, we keep the environment free from harmful and hazardous materials.

  • Benefits of Recycling Engine Waste Oil:

The oils used in your automobile engines are hazardous to the environment. Hence, these have to be properly disposed of. We carefully dispose of engine oils such that water is not contaminated. According to Department of Environment, Australia, a litre of engine oil poisons litres of fresh water. We know how to clean the engine oil and reuse it for making other products. Recently, Australians have been recycling oil. Yet, 25% of the waste oil can still be recycled.

  • Benefits of Recycling Batteries:

Car batteries are made of lead-acid. These should be recycled for preventing leakage of sulphuric acid and lead into the environment. Lead is toxic and causes damage to brain and kidney. We recycle batteries so that there is little or no lead in the environment. We have found that about 99% of the components of the battery can be reused to make new batteries. We save more energy by reusing old batteries’ lead than making from natural ores.

  • Benefits of Recycling Tyres:

There are about 17 million tyres that are dumped every year in Australia. Since these tyres take too much space, they are burnt causing air and water pollution. Places, where the tyres are dumped, are hazardous to fire and breeding ground for mosquitoes. These tyres can be put to various uses including road surfacing, compost bins, insulation blocks, mats, and more.

Our Company in Melbourne, Australia, provide both services as Car Buyers and wreckers for towing. We also have got exciting services and schemes like Used Cars For Cash in Melbourne for which we pay you instantly at the best rates available. And the best thing of all, we do not dump your car. We take every step to recycle your vehicle part by part and work towards keeping the environment safe.

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