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Why Do Car Breakers Pay Good Money to Collect your Old Car


You may never have given it a thought, but if you had an old car that was no longer roadworthy and you called a car breakers yard, they will not only come and take it away, they will actually pay you trusted cash for cars in Brighton and elsewhere! It seems too good to be true, but, in fact, that’s exactly how it works.

How Do They Turn a Profit?

The scrap metal price for an old car wouldn’t be very much, but that’s not what the breaker is looking at. He sees the many components on the car, most of which work perfectly well, and with a little time and a lot of know-how, the vehicle is stripped of all usable parts before being crushed into a small cube. These components are then cleaned up, stripped down and rebuilt, ensuring they work as they should, and each part is then catalogued and stored in a warehouse until a motorist calls looking for such a component to replace a broken one on his car.

Major Components

The car breaker would stock items such as:

  • Reconditioned engines
  • Reconditioned transmissions
  • Alternators
  • Radiators
  • Water pumps
  • A/C compressors

We must understand that it isn’t only very old cars that are written off, and should a 2-year old BMW have a serious front end collision that was not worth repairing, then many of the parts would be in good condition and would be resold to the public.

Next time you need a car part, before paying for a new one, give your local car breakers a call, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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