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Why You Truly Benefit From MOT Testing


There are more than a few components of your vehicle tested each time that you undergo MOT testing and each new year may be the year that your vehicle is determined not to be safe on the road any longer. Any vehicle older than three years must go through MOT testing every year, with only a very few exceptions such as tractors, and failing to take such a test may result in a £1,000 fine and the impounding of your vehicle by the local authorities. Since testing is highly cost-effective and designed to keep you safe whenever you take to the road, it is imperative that you not put off such testing even for a short period of time.

Two Facts about MOT

  • Cheap MOT in Hamilton is simple to book and even easier to undergo. It is necessary if you want to avoid a number of issues on the road. You need to undergo such testing to ensure that your emissions are within legal standards and that no serious problems exist with the vehicle.
  • If you should fail your examination but are not given an “un-roadworthy” designation, you may continue to drive your vehicle so long as you are still within the 12-month time period of the previous MOT test.


Only highly specific types of vehicles are exempt from MOT rules and very few people actually own and operate these type of vehicles. Tractors, goods vehicles that use electricity as fuel, vehicles less than three years old, and vehicles and motorbikes built prior to the year 1960 are not required to be tested.

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